Saturday, May 16, 2009

Week 15

No major bump changes this week, I think it will be awhile. I feel slightly torn, part of me is ready for the unmistakable bump, while the other part of me is thrilled that I pretty much look the same and can wear my regular clothes as long as possible. As Drew said this morning "you have plenty of time to get big!"

Yesterday at our doctors appointment I asked the doctor about weight gain and pregnancy....basically, do I need to do anything to gain weight during pregnancy, or does it just happen on its own. Her expression after I asked the question immediately gave me my will happen on its own, just you wait and see. I did win the bet, my clothes still fit with no adjustments necessary, we will see what it is like in 4 weeks at our next appointment!

Everything went great at the doctor. As I mentioned last week, Drew and have been debating whether we would find out the sex of the baby...debate isn't really the right word...he has wanted to know, and I have not. It has been a battle of the wills. Yesterday the doctor said that at our next appointment we would also have a sonogram at which point they would be able to determine the sex of the baby. I was shocked that when she said that this overpowering feeling came over me and now I just have to know. I can't believe that in less than 4 weeks, June 12, we will know if we are going to have a boy or a girl. I can't wait! :) Hopefully Baby Keller cooperates during the sonogram and isn't very shy! So, of course, I went out and bought a baby name book right after the appointment! Drew and I agreed though, that if we found out the sex of the baby we will not share our ideas or final decision on the baby name with anyone until the baby is members that includes you too!


  1. Hey! I love the baby watch thing at the top of your blog! Very cute!! I can't believe that little guy is in you=)

  2. Sarah, I love the story about your decision to find out gender!! Being pregnant made me totally irrational, which always meant surprise decisions. Sounds like you might end up doing a little of the same thing!