Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 21-Pop!

This week my bump has officially popped...there really is no denying the fact that I am pregnant now! I am grateful though that I am only 21 weeks pregnant as this past week Kansas City endured a heat wave jam packed with 10 straight days of excessive heat warnings and heat indexes over 110 degrees! We are finally in a "cold front" with temperatures only topping out around 90 each day! If the rest of the summer follows these past few weeks, I am in for it!

Wednesday we have our big ultrasound where they check all of our baby boy's organs, make sure that everything is developing according to plan and also reconfirm the fact that Baby Keller is in fact a boy. I really don't have much doubt about it, but reassurance will be nice as well.

Last week I started pouring through a great book our friends, The Hoges (who are expecting their second (Baby Keller's future wife) just 5 days before Baby Keller) sent us called Baby Bargains. It is SO helpful...but whoa, for a kid so small Baby Keller sure is gonna require a lot of stuff! We also discovered that apparently we are a little behind on EVERYTHING from picking out the nursery to figuring out day we are on top of it now! Watch out, I am on a mission!

Next weekend we are heading to the Ozarks to spend the 4th with great friends and I will have another fellow prego, Christen, (who is expecting another possible future girlfriend for Baby Keller in October) to hang out with!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 20-Halfway!!!

It is almost impossible to believe that we are halfway through the pregnancy. I hardly even feel pregnant...I hear this will change....but so far I must admit I feel very lucky. I have been feeling our baby boy move a lot over the last couple of weeks but this week his activity has really picked up. I occasionally feel him throughout the day, especially after I drink anything, but he really starts to wake up around 8:30 at night and goes through to the wee hours! He is a night owl just like his mama! It is really fun to feel him so much now and for Drew to be able to reach over and feel some of his movements too. It definitely makes it all feel so much more real.

We had a wonderful Father's Day with both sides of the family. I have to admit that I am so touched watching Drew grow more and more excited with each passing day to become a father. He can't wait and it makes me fall more in love with him everyday. Today we stopped by a residency graduation party for some of our dearest friends, the Goods, and Drew was holding a 2 week old infant for over 30 minutes and he looked like a pro. After we left he couldn't stop talking about how excited and how ready he is. I am so lucky to have him in my life I can't imagine sharing my life and these once in a lifetime moments with anyone else. I am so blessed and our baby will be so fortunate. There is something about pregnancy that is turning me into a total sap! I even got teary eyed while shopping for Father's Day cards....what is happening to me??? :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 19

This weekend we were in Colorado for Jenny's graduation from her OBGYN residency program. Needless to say, I was in MANY safe hands all weekend long, but fortunately didn't need them! We had a great time with the Keller family and with friends in Denver. This isn't the greatest of bump pictures with the shadows, but have no doubt...there is a bump! In fact, this past week for the first time someone asked me if I was pregnant. It was actually a physician that I call on and he said (as he pointed and actually touched my bump (I have been told I need to get used to this)) "is that a bump you have there?"....the moment he asked me I saw the look of pure terror cross his face as he contemplated the fact that I might not have a bump at all! I, of course, told him yes and he said with relief "thank goodness, I got pretty scared for a minute there that I might have offended you!"

We are really excited about our new baby boy that will be joining us in just 21 short weeks! We spent the drive to and from Colorado working our way through baby names A-Z. We have a few possibilities but no certainties yet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We're having a BOY! I really can't believe it! Drew was convinced all along that we were having a boy but I was just certain that it was a girl...when the tech immediately zoomed in on our little boy's manly parts and said "It's a boy" first response was, "are you sure?" I am actually just getting over the shock now...but couldn't be more thrilled that we are going to have a son! :)

I have always loved little boys and my mind is swimming with visions of footballs, basketballs, baseballs, bats, bikes, sporting events, fishing poles, list could go on and on...yet I guess we must let this little fellow invent himself! Let's not forget that this poor/lucky child, before he is even born, will probably be outfitted with enough KU gear to get him through kindergarden! It is going to be a blast! Drew is going to make an amazing father and he is totally stoked for a little boy! I am a little scared about being outnumbered...but am confident that our little guy will love his mama lots too! :)
We are so excited to finally stop saying "it" and say "him" up picking a name...we had a girls name all lined up that we were fully settled on, but the boy name is more uncertain still...we shall see. We are driving to Denver tomorrow evening for Drew's sister's (Jenny) graduation from OBGYN residency and we will have the baby name book in tow with a goal of a selection by Monday morning!
We are so excited for our little man to arrive and watch him grow up! He is going to be one lucky fellow!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 18-Adventures in Pregnancy

This weekend both Drew and my dad were out of town so my mom and I had a nice girls weekend which slowly transformed to a "baby" weekend. We started our adventures Friday evening buying my first round of Maternity clothes. I must admit, I had VERY low expectations for what I would find and was pleasantly surprised how cute many of the clothes were. This trip we focused on my "professional" time maybe more fun clothes! Saturday we started to look at baby furniture and other such fun things. When Drew and I got married I thought THAT was an out of control business...but that didn't even come close to preparing me for the baby business...oh my gosh. Talk about preying on an emotional first time mother's heartstrings...these people have it down to a science! It was really fun though to look at all the cute furniture and bedding. Fortunately, Cathie is VERY rational and grounded and kept bringing me back to earth! :) Either way we have many decisions to make and have lots of things to buy. Thank goodness for my friends who are already mothers who can help guide me toward what is necessary versus not necessary! Sorry Babies R Us and USA Baby-you aren't gonna get this mama!

The bump is ever expanding. It surprises me a little each day when I look in the mirror. Wednesday at 4pm is the BIG day where we find out if this little one is a boy or a girl...wish us luck that Baby Keller cooperates and shows us his/her stuff!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 17

So I was all prepared to say that there had been very little bump expansion since the last post...but then I actually looked at this picture after Drew took it and thought-whoa. The bump is definitely beginning to grow...but still I don't really feel like I look pregnant. The whiteness of my belly certainly does not help as I have forgone the bikini this summer! I keep hearing from people that one day in a few weeks I will wake up one morning and "pop" I will look pregnant. I am ready for it!

Only 9 more days until we find out if Baby Keller is a boy or a girl. We are really looking forward to it. It has been a challenging week and we are even more grateful for the gift of life and hope that Baby Keller will bring our family.