Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We're having a BOY! I really can't believe it! Drew was convinced all along that we were having a boy but I was just certain that it was a girl...when the tech immediately zoomed in on our little boy's manly parts and said "It's a boy" first response was, "are you sure?" I am actually just getting over the shock now...but couldn't be more thrilled that we are going to have a son! :)

I have always loved little boys and my mind is swimming with visions of footballs, basketballs, baseballs, bats, bikes, sporting events, fishing poles, list could go on and on...yet I guess we must let this little fellow invent himself! Let's not forget that this poor/lucky child, before he is even born, will probably be outfitted with enough KU gear to get him through kindergarden! It is going to be a blast! Drew is going to make an amazing father and he is totally stoked for a little boy! I am a little scared about being outnumbered...but am confident that our little guy will love his mama lots too! :)
We are so excited to finally stop saying "it" and say "him" up picking a name...we had a girls name all lined up that we were fully settled on, but the boy name is more uncertain still...we shall see. We are driving to Denver tomorrow evening for Drew's sister's (Jenny) graduation from OBGYN residency and we will have the baby name book in tow with a goal of a selection by Monday morning!
We are so excited for our little man to arrive and watch him grow up! He is going to be one lucky fellow!


  1. YEA!!! I am so happy its a boy! I am destined to have boys! So the plan will be - send the boys off with the dads and send the moms to the spa! Don't look at yourself as being outnumbered - look at yourself as being queen of the Keller house! Besides, I think boys are so much fun! You guys are going to be great parents! I can't wait to meet HIM!!

  2. SARA!!!!! It's a boy!!! I'm so excited! I can not believe we can actually start to picture a little Keller boy now. There's something about the way a boy loves his mama...I know it will be pure heaven. Congratulations!!!