Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 18-Adventures in Pregnancy

This weekend both Drew and my dad were out of town so my mom and I had a nice girls weekend which slowly transformed to a "baby" weekend. We started our adventures Friday evening buying my first round of Maternity clothes. I must admit, I had VERY low expectations for what I would find and was pleasantly surprised how cute many of the clothes were. This trip we focused on my "professional" time maybe more fun clothes! Saturday we started to look at baby furniture and other such fun things. When Drew and I got married I thought THAT was an out of control business...but that didn't even come close to preparing me for the baby business...oh my gosh. Talk about preying on an emotional first time mother's heartstrings...these people have it down to a science! It was really fun though to look at all the cute furniture and bedding. Fortunately, Cathie is VERY rational and grounded and kept bringing me back to earth! :) Either way we have many decisions to make and have lots of things to buy. Thank goodness for my friends who are already mothers who can help guide me toward what is necessary versus not necessary! Sorry Babies R Us and USA Baby-you aren't gonna get this mama!

The bump is ever expanding. It surprises me a little each day when I look in the mirror. Wednesday at 4pm is the BIG day where we find out if this little one is a boy or a girl...wish us luck that Baby Keller cooperates and shows us his/her stuff!


  1. We did have so much fun, didn't we?! And not to worry, this grandma will not always be so practical that your little one will never be spoiled with some of those "heartstring" goodies! ;)

  2. You look fantastic Sarah! And I can see that bump growing! How fun. Isn't Babies R Us the craziest place ever? I remember getting sweaty palms the first time I had to go in there. Can't wait to hear the big news about B or G...It's going to be awesome either way.