Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 20-Halfway!!!

It is almost impossible to believe that we are halfway through the pregnancy. I hardly even feel pregnant...I hear this will change....but so far I must admit I feel very lucky. I have been feeling our baby boy move a lot over the last couple of weeks but this week his activity has really picked up. I occasionally feel him throughout the day, especially after I drink anything, but he really starts to wake up around 8:30 at night and goes through to the wee hours! He is a night owl just like his mama! It is really fun to feel him so much now and for Drew to be able to reach over and feel some of his movements too. It definitely makes it all feel so much more real.

We had a wonderful Father's Day with both sides of the family. I have to admit that I am so touched watching Drew grow more and more excited with each passing day to become a father. He can't wait and it makes me fall more in love with him everyday. Today we stopped by a residency graduation party for some of our dearest friends, the Goods, and Drew was holding a 2 week old infant for over 30 minutes and he looked like a pro. After we left he couldn't stop talking about how excited and how ready he is. I am so lucky to have him in my life I can't imagine sharing my life and these once in a lifetime moments with anyone else. I am so blessed and our baby will be so fortunate. There is something about pregnancy that is turning me into a total sap! I even got teary eyed while shopping for Father's Day cards....what is happening to me??? :)

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  1. You are the cutest darned pregnant person! I'm enjoying your blog lots :)