Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He has a bed!

Our baby will not have to sleep in a drawer! Tonight we assembled the crib and the glider and were surprised and excited by how EASY it was! We actually had fun! :) Of course as soon as the bed was assembled I just had to put the bedding on! Seeing a crib in a room we have only casually been calling "the nursery" definitely makes this all feel more real! We still have to assemble a dresser/changing table that Drew continues to remind me has 3 boxes of hardware...sometime this week we will get to that project! Next up cleaning the carpets and painting the room and then we will finally be ready to start decorating! We are doing retro/vintage sports decor complete with the 1912 Jayhawk (the skinny Jayhawk), pictures of Drew's grandad in his KU football uniform, hopefully a picture of my dad as a kid in his baseball uniform and other vintage prints etc. that we have found! I can't wait!

We are also very close to reaching a conclusion on a name...so far no name has lasted more than about 4-5 days, but for some reason I feel like this most recent name is a keeper!

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  1. How cute is this!!!! Can't to see little "what's his name" in it in the going home outfit his daddy picked out for him! Let's hope that dresser is as easy as the bed in spite of all the parts.