Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 22

Definitely another week of bump expansion! This week many people in the offices I call on asked me..."is there something you haven't told us?" everyone seems to be catching on!

We had our ultrasound this week and it was pretty uneventful. Unfortunately, for the second time in the last month our little rascal was standing on his head facing away from the camera and tucked down into the left corner of my uterus. The doctor was able to verify that all body parts were developing normally, except she couldn't get a look at his little face. I was kind of disappointed because I really wanted to see his cute little profile and of course have the reassurance that all is good with all parts of our little guy. The good news is that we get to go back at the end of the month for another ultrasound and hopefully he will be ready to cooperate and let us get a sneak peak at his mug! I feel pretty confident we will get a good look next time because in the last 3 days his movements have become bigger, stronger and more widespread across my belly. Last night Drew could feel him doing the past mostly Drew has just felt vibrations so it was fun for him to feel the baby move more too!

We have made some good progress on daycare plans as well as nursery plans this week. I think we have the bedding picked out and the furniture, for the most part, so this week we need to just go for it and then I finally need to gear up and get the nerve to tackle the registry...must admit I am putting that one off!
Overall, everything is going so incredibly smoothly and we are growing more excited by the day!


  1. Okay, Sarah, NOW you look pregnant! And gorgeous! :)

  2. It is really neat to be able to follow your progress! It is so wonderful to be able to feel the movements, it helps to start that relationship with the little person inside of you. One tip on the baby gear - if you can find a consignment shop and buy any of it used or borrow from a friend - definitely worth it. You only use it for such a short time before they grow out of it. Consignment is great because you can resell it and use the money to buy what you need for the next stage. Of course it is not as exciting as getting all new stuff and you will probably get most of what you need from your shower. Are you having a baby shower - did you already have one?