Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 23-Mission Accomplished

This week we have accomplished SO much! Not only has the belly continued to grow (although I do think this picture makes the bump look larger than real life) but we have also ordered baby Keller's bedding, a crib and a dresser/changer combo-AND they all arrived this week! We are well on our way to getting prepared for this little guy and the excitement just continues to grow.

This week I also made my inaugural trip to Babies R Us...and I am proud to say that there were no tears shed and no panic attacks. I must attribute this all to my amazing mom who spent almost 5 hours walking around the store with me, offering advise, sitting with me on the floor while I read through my books telling me which products were "As" versus "Fs" and offering encouragement. My mom has been such a huge blessing and the pregnancy experience has certainly made us grow even closer. I feel so fortunate.

The only thing that Drew and I have yet to make progress on is a name for our little guy. Fortunately, we have several more months to figure it out because at the rate we are progressing we will be lucky if we figure it out by November much less by New Years!


  1. Did I miss the furniture last night?! Bummer! So we'll walk from your place this week so that I can see it?!

  2. You missed nothing! Assembly required! We may get to that by New Years too! :)