Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 30-Showered with Blesssings

This weekend three of my dearest friends threw me an amazing baby shower! It was so fun and it was so sweet of them to spend so much time and energy. Baby L and I felt very loved and we were overly blessed with everyone's kindness. I was totally overwhelmed (in a good way!). My Aunt and cousin drove in from St. Louis, Drew's Nana drove in from Wichita and my friend Trisha drove up from Tulsa with her 21 month old! It was great to see friends and family both near and far! I have been feeling pretty stressed about shopping for Baby L and now I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted! Not only were we given the large majority of the essentials for Baby L but we also received tons of great clothes (this guy is gonna be strapping-watch out ladies!) and great gifts from current moms that I know will be so helpful to me! On the baby registry Babies R Us leaves a place for notes, usually parents write things like "It's a Boy" what I wanted to write was "If you see something missing off this list that you know is super important, please go for it because I don't have a clue what I am doing!" -the lady at the registry counter encouraged me to put "Its a Boy" instead, go figure! So thank you current mamas, your wealth of information is invaluable! I also got a gift certificate for a prenatal massage at my favorite spot in town...I cannot wait! This picture above is probably my favorite bump shot because it is Baby Keller and Baby Girl Hoge's first picture together! Baby Keller and Baby Hoge are due to arrive the same week and we are already planning their wedding! No pressure for these little ones at all!

These are my very gracious hostesses, Lindsay, Asia and Bethany. Not only did they throw a beautiful shower but they have also each been so supportive in many instrumental ways throughout my pregnancy. I love them all and am so blessed by great girl friends.

Here is a shot of my mom, me and my Grandma Hovel. I feel very fortunate that I had two of Baby L's great grandmothers at the shower!

And a pregnant girl's delight...amazing sugar cookies! I could eat these things all day...and probably will!

This is a very special gift my mom gave me that I can't wait to put up in the nursery (which by the way is coming right soon to come). This is a frame with pictures of both me (on the left) and Drew when we were newborns at the hospital! Can't wait to see what Baby L will look like!

Another special gift, a little cap that my friend Maggie knit for Baby L! It is adorable with a Jayhawk on the front! Baby L will be sporting that hat to many KU games this year...I just know it is the good luck charm to take our Football team to the Big 12 championship and our Basketball Boys to the Final Four in Indy this year! No pressure Maggie or Baby L! :)
Overall we had such a fun weekend! I am also excited to start typing weeks in the 30s! I pray that I don't have to get on this blog in 10 weeks and write Week 40!...yikes!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 29-Feeling Pregnant

At the beginning of July after book club one night a couple of my girlfriends who are moms stayed after everyone had left and we started to talk about pregnancy. They had noticed a couple of books sitting under my coffee table: The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs. I bought these books when I first found out that I was pregnant. They were very helpful during the first trimester when I was concerned about every twinge, every feeling, everything really until I felt more certain that this pregnancy was going to stick. At that point I pretty much relaxed about things. My pregnancy has gone remarkably smoothly and I haven't really felt the need to read these books much, I sort of just saw the remaining chapters that I hadn't read as a complaining session by pregnant women seeking nothing but attention. As I cautiously explained this to my friends they kind of looked at each other and laughed and said just hold on to these books, by about 7 months you will be ready to read them again, when your hormones start to take over, when you start feeling crummy etc, etc. In my head I thought, whatever, I will be fine. Well, I was wrong and the friends with experience here win yet again!

My usual level headedness is starting to slowly escape me. My decision making skills are evaporating before my very eyes. I need more encouragement and affirmation from my husband than ever before. I go from total bliss to total stress in less than one second. I am fearful to spend money, but yet feel the need to buy all the essentials so that Baby L has a happy, safe home. I have buyer's remorse when I do spend money. I can't wait to be home when Baby L is born, I am afraid of getting cabin fever after Baby L arrives. I worry that we have NO CLUE what we have gotten ourselves into. I could type a list of conflicting thoughts, rational and irrational behaviors all day long, but you probably get the point. Needless to say, my hormones are slowly taking over my body. My mind is not my own, my body is clearly not my own...Baby L you will NEVER understand how you have changed me! I am not totally crazy...yet, and I hope that I can get a grip...but these books are now very encouraging and comforting to me and make me sit and laugh hysterically. I am not alone in my IS rational irrationality! I read sections aloud to Drew but the poor guy just shakes his head. In the words of Jenny McCarthy "Take heart, I'll be back a few months after delivery!"

In my latest update for Week 29 I read the following and found it very appropriate given the last week:

If only you'd known you were going to trade... • Monthly PMS for nine months of weeping • Lacy thongs for cotton tents • Sex for gas • Zinfandel for Ovaltine • Birth control for laxatives • Going to the gym for getting up to pee • Your waist for a hot-air balloon • Kickboxing for kick counts • Your innie for an outie — a way-outie • Sleeping for groaning • Freedom for the most intense love you've ever known.

The last line is my favorite and the easy reminder of why this is all totally worth it. We can't wait for you to arrive Baby L!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 28-Time for an Upgrade?

So I took this picture right after I literally squeezed my way out of bed this morning...the funny thing is that this picture only shows 3 of the 6 of us that currently sleep in our queen sized bed...Drew, Rigley and Bentley....what you don't see are obviously me, Baby L (yes that is a hint toward his name) and my body pillow which I really should give a fond name because without it I would not be sleeping. Sure, it would be easy to kick out the puppies and truth be told it is only the mornings that they join the party...but even without them, me, Drew, Baby L and Mr. Body Pillow are having a heck of a time finding room in bed! SO, this weekend I think we will begin our search for a new bedroom set and upgrade to the King Sized bed. After sleeping in a king bed last weekend on vacation I think we have both realized how much happier we will be in a bigger bed. Even after the uncomfortable pregnancy sleep has ended, if Bents and Rigs get to join the party in the mornings I am sure Baby L will be finding a spot in a few months as well!

This week was pretty uneventful pregnancy wise. I am still feeling pretty good. The heat is bugging me more and more as it is harder to cool off and get comfortable overall...but I have been pretty spoiled this summer so far with mostly cooler temperatures. All is good with Baby L, he is still kicking and punching up a storm which I love! Its hard to believe we are in the third trimester...I honestly feel like it was yesterday that I took the positive pregnancy test!

I have been feeling a little guilty about complaining about how people interact with pregnant women. It is by no means all bad, in fact, the cases I described are the rarity (they just happen to stick out in my mind more!). Overall, I have never had people be so kind and compassionate towards me. I usually am embarrassed by it. Everyone (even people I don't know very well, if at all) ask me how I am feeling, offer me a seat, offer to get me water and dote on me. I had a 95 year old man in a doctors office this week tell me that he admired me for working while pregnant (clearly he is a little "old school") and in this "fragile" state. The word fragile is a good one though, because while I feel anything BUT fragile that is how most people treat pregnant women. It is actually quite sweet and endearing in most cases. I am not much for being babied (although Drew would likely argue that point!) but it seems that everyone wants to protect a pregnant lady. This will probably be the last time in my life that I am babied versus needing to baby someone else, so I guess I should just sit back and enjoy it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 27-Back to Normal

First off, thank you to all who commented, texted, left voicemails and emailed me regarding my last post, I got quite the response! It is nice to know that someone out there understands! Let me also clarify that if you are my friend and you would like to touch my bump, you are more than welcome, I discriminate only against strangers in this instance! :)

Thankfully this week I was back to my normal self...I didn't have to shuffle around like a 90 year old woman with a basketball shoved in her shirt! My hip has given me no trouble what so ever for the last week. We had a great trip to Michigan and got to visit with many great friends. We had a fabulous time at our friends' wedding, but I will admit that I greatly missed my wedding cocktails and wine...the dancing just wasn't quite the same!
Friday we have another doctors appointment and I have my dreaded glucose test to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes. Hopefully all will go well and we will get further encouragement that this little guy does not have any imminent plans to make his grand entrance in to this world too early. I am not certain why, but this is my greatest fear at this point...other than the actual "giving birth" thing!

By the way, I HATE this bump picture...but I will post it seems that when I look in the mirror things look a lot different than when Drew takes the picture...I blame the photographer!

I thought I would add another "oddity of pregnancy" tidbit for this week, and this one REALLY bothers me. Why are so many people interested in whether or not you plan to have a natural birth? First off, I really don't feel it is any of their business. Usually those who ask are in the camp of natural childbirth...aka no drugs. I highly respect and admire those who choose to take this route and would never question anyone's beliefs. I think it is wonderful, and I am happy and actually proud for you that you are living out your dream. I, too, plan to live out MY dream of having a child with LESS overall pain. Does this make me a bad mother...not in my mind...but in many minds this means I am bringing my child into this world drugged, in a stupor and scarred for life. Do any of you remember when you were born...I am guessing no. you remember birthing your child...of course you do. So, sorry, I do the drugs. I would never dream of telling someone that they were making a poor choice in this area...because it is a personal, private choice. So first, I am annoyed by anyone who intends to make me feel poorly or try to change my mind about choosing pain meds during childbirth and secondly I am EVEN MORE annoyed by people who have never been pregnant offering this advice. Just because you were in the delivery room when your sister gave birth and it didn't seem that bad to you does not mean you should advise me to go the all natural offense but you don't know what the heck you are talking about. Come find me when you are weeks away from delivering your first child...or rather...when you are about 5cm dilated and in the delivery room. Then let's have that heart to heart you are so anxious to have with me! Again, why must others thrust their advice at you during pregnancy?

Lastly, we still are moving full steam ahead with our little guys name...this is 2 weeks now with no change...pretty impressive. Maybe we will share it soon...

Until next week...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oddities of Pregnancy

Let me preface this by saying that, thus far, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. I will welcome a second pregnancy some day. Yet, I know the most challenging days are likely ahead. I have a VERY positive outlook on pregnancy etc, yet that doesn't mean I haven't noticed the weird universe of pregnancy that apparently does not follow socially appropriate rules.

First, I have accepted the fact that I DO look pregnant now. For me it is such a gradual change from day to day that I think I am tricked into believing that I don't really look THAT pregnant. Then, completely random people constantly shake my confidence in this belief by asking me when I am due...and then I am left they think I am further along...and I search their faces for answers. Usually these people are very sweet BUT this line of questioning without fail leads to the first of the several oddities of pregnancy. These complete strangers, usually women but by no means exclusively women (which is even weirder), reach out and touch me before I even have the chance to stop them (what I want to do is slap them!). With their hands STILL still on MY belly they continue by telling me their "story." Do these strangers really think a first time mom wants to hear about their 23 hours of labor, 12 lb baby or layers of stitches? NO, PLEASE STOP...I want to scream as my eyes bulge, I being to sweat and my heart rate speeds. Do they not see the deer in headlights look on my face? Unless you have had a miracle like birth experience please don't share and STOP touching me! Just tell me it was all worth it and leave out the gory details! Remember when you were in my shoes, would you have wanted to know YOUR story, I doubt it. Let me go back a minute to strangers touching my belly...why is personal space valued in real life but not in the pregnancy world? TODAY alone I experienced the above scenarios at least a half a dozen times...I know I have been known to exaggerate but I kid you not, this is the straight up honest truth.

All this "story" telling led me to do something I promised myself I would NEVER EVER do, watch a video of a live birth. BIG MISTAKE LADIES! If you are pregnant, want to get pregnant, know someone who is or wants to be pregnant at some point in the future I urge you to also not make this same mistake. Why on earth these baby websites find it necessary to post videos like this for a soon to be mom's viewing pleasure is beyond me. Sure, the miracle of life is a beautiful thing...WHEN IT IS OVER, not during (at least in my opinion) and the video I watched scared the you know what out of me. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to erase the memory of this video. I keep telling myself whether I like it or not this baby has to come out one way or the other so I can't stress about it, but then the vision of that video pops in my head...and WHOA.

Lastly, while I am ranting-who makes maternity clothes? Likely no one who has EVER been pregnant. If you had you would know that I do NOT want denim shorts (why oh why when no "normal" clothing stores sell these would I want them now, especially Daisy Dukes at 6 months preggo). Also, why would you make spandex skin tight maternity jeans...I can think of maybe two people in the world that would look good in these...and they aren't even pregnant. Also, why must EVERYTHING be Jersey Knit? Have I not earned the right to wear some decent fabrics? Why design "poofy" looking clothes...these clothes only enhance the size of the bump which leads to more "when are you due" questions (see above) and the eye brow raises when the person asking realizes that in fact you are not "about to pop." Lastly, these maternity stores that boast affordable prices-either your clothes are DISGUSTING (see above) OR the clothes are not affordable AT ALL. Who wants to pay designer prices for something they will wear just a few short months? Sure, there are cute clothes out there but I for one I am not shelling out 300 bucks for a designer maternity sweater that is poofy and makes me look larger than I already do.

This is only the beginning of this list, but I will stop for now! I am sure some of you out there understand. Wonder how many strangers will touch my bump between now and the next post...any guesses?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 26-Learning the Hard Way

This week I learned the hard way that I am not invincible in this pregnancy. I have been feeling so great and everything has gone so well that I have yet to slow down at all. But this week, it appears I slightly overdid it! I have been experiencing some pretty significant hip pain and round ligament pain for the last few days that has made it challenging to even walk at times. It is getting better, but I have had to take it REALLY easy the last few days which is hard for me to do. I have also been starting to notice Braxton Hicks...I am pretty certain I have had them for awhile now, but just now have figured out what they are.

My mom and I put the dresser/changer together this week and it wasn't nearly has difficult as I had anticipated. I got all of the bedding and clothes for our little guy washed and put away. Hopefully this coming week we can get going on the painting etc for the room! He will be here before we know it and it is so fun to walk by his room and see it starting to come together!

The most exciting part of this week was Wednesday when we got to FINALLY see our little guy's face on ultrasound! Watch out ladies, he is a looker! Drew thinks he has my nose and I think he has Drew's chin! I don't know what it is but seeing his profile shot made me instantly feel an even greater connection with him. I can't wait to see him in real life and bring him home! We are just so excited! Rigley and Bentley have already taken to hanging out in his room and resting in front of the crib!

Even better news is that I think we have settled on his name! We are really excited about it! We haven't decided if we are going to share it on the blog or not...
This week we are off to Michigan for some friends' wedding and are anxious to catch up with lots of great friends!