Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 26-Learning the Hard Way

This week I learned the hard way that I am not invincible in this pregnancy. I have been feeling so great and everything has gone so well that I have yet to slow down at all. But this week, it appears I slightly overdid it! I have been experiencing some pretty significant hip pain and round ligament pain for the last few days that has made it challenging to even walk at times. It is getting better, but I have had to take it REALLY easy the last few days which is hard for me to do. I have also been starting to notice Braxton Hicks...I am pretty certain I have had them for awhile now, but just now have figured out what they are.

My mom and I put the dresser/changer together this week and it wasn't nearly has difficult as I had anticipated. I got all of the bedding and clothes for our little guy washed and put away. Hopefully this coming week we can get going on the painting etc for the room! He will be here before we know it and it is so fun to walk by his room and see it starting to come together!

The most exciting part of this week was Wednesday when we got to FINALLY see our little guy's face on ultrasound! Watch out ladies, he is a looker! Drew thinks he has my nose and I think he has Drew's chin! I don't know what it is but seeing his profile shot made me instantly feel an even greater connection with him. I can't wait to see him in real life and bring him home! We are just so excited! Rigley and Bentley have already taken to hanging out in his room and resting in front of the crib!

Even better news is that I think we have settled on his name! We are really excited about it! We haven't decided if we are going to share it on the blog or not...
This week we are off to Michigan for some friends' wedding and are anxious to catch up with lots of great friends!


  1. I can't wait to find out what you decided on! Take it easy, Hovs! I know it's hard for you to do, but you have a great excuse to relax and pamper yourself so do it!

  2. Are those preggo jeans I spy...?