Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 27-Back to Normal

First off, thank you to all who commented, texted, left voicemails and emailed me regarding my last post, I got quite the response! It is nice to know that someone out there understands! Let me also clarify that if you are my friend and you would like to touch my bump, you are more than welcome, I discriminate only against strangers in this instance! :)

Thankfully this week I was back to my normal self...I didn't have to shuffle around like a 90 year old woman with a basketball shoved in her shirt! My hip has given me no trouble what so ever for the last week. We had a great trip to Michigan and got to visit with many great friends. We had a fabulous time at our friends' wedding, but I will admit that I greatly missed my wedding cocktails and wine...the dancing just wasn't quite the same!
Friday we have another doctors appointment and I have my dreaded glucose test to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes. Hopefully all will go well and we will get further encouragement that this little guy does not have any imminent plans to make his grand entrance in to this world too early. I am not certain why, but this is my greatest fear at this point...other than the actual "giving birth" thing!

By the way, I HATE this bump picture...but I will post it seems that when I look in the mirror things look a lot different than when Drew takes the picture...I blame the photographer!

I thought I would add another "oddity of pregnancy" tidbit for this week, and this one REALLY bothers me. Why are so many people interested in whether or not you plan to have a natural birth? First off, I really don't feel it is any of their business. Usually those who ask are in the camp of natural childbirth...aka no drugs. I highly respect and admire those who choose to take this route and would never question anyone's beliefs. I think it is wonderful, and I am happy and actually proud for you that you are living out your dream. I, too, plan to live out MY dream of having a child with LESS overall pain. Does this make me a bad mother...not in my mind...but in many minds this means I am bringing my child into this world drugged, in a stupor and scarred for life. Do any of you remember when you were born...I am guessing no. you remember birthing your child...of course you do. So, sorry, I do the drugs. I would never dream of telling someone that they were making a poor choice in this area...because it is a personal, private choice. So first, I am annoyed by anyone who intends to make me feel poorly or try to change my mind about choosing pain meds during childbirth and secondly I am EVEN MORE annoyed by people who have never been pregnant offering this advice. Just because you were in the delivery room when your sister gave birth and it didn't seem that bad to you does not mean you should advise me to go the all natural offense but you don't know what the heck you are talking about. Come find me when you are weeks away from delivering your first child...or rather...when you are about 5cm dilated and in the delivery room. Then let's have that heart to heart you are so anxious to have with me! Again, why must others thrust their advice at you during pregnancy?

Lastly, we still are moving full steam ahead with our little guys name...this is 2 weeks now with no change...pretty impressive. Maybe we will share it soon...

Until next week...

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  1. Sarah, you go girl! I got the same "friendly feedback" that you got about natural birthing , but about breastfeeding. If you can believe this, two men my husband works with asked him if I planned to breastfeed. Really, does it affect you...I don't think so!! More power to you, whatever decisions you make! :)