Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 28-Time for an Upgrade?

So I took this picture right after I literally squeezed my way out of bed this morning...the funny thing is that this picture only shows 3 of the 6 of us that currently sleep in our queen sized bed...Drew, Rigley and Bentley....what you don't see are obviously me, Baby L (yes that is a hint toward his name) and my body pillow which I really should give a fond name because without it I would not be sleeping. Sure, it would be easy to kick out the puppies and truth be told it is only the mornings that they join the party...but even without them, me, Drew, Baby L and Mr. Body Pillow are having a heck of a time finding room in bed! SO, this weekend I think we will begin our search for a new bedroom set and upgrade to the King Sized bed. After sleeping in a king bed last weekend on vacation I think we have both realized how much happier we will be in a bigger bed. Even after the uncomfortable pregnancy sleep has ended, if Bents and Rigs get to join the party in the mornings I am sure Baby L will be finding a spot in a few months as well!

This week was pretty uneventful pregnancy wise. I am still feeling pretty good. The heat is bugging me more and more as it is harder to cool off and get comfortable overall...but I have been pretty spoiled this summer so far with mostly cooler temperatures. All is good with Baby L, he is still kicking and punching up a storm which I love! Its hard to believe we are in the third trimester...I honestly feel like it was yesterday that I took the positive pregnancy test!

I have been feeling a little guilty about complaining about how people interact with pregnant women. It is by no means all bad, in fact, the cases I described are the rarity (they just happen to stick out in my mind more!). Overall, I have never had people be so kind and compassionate towards me. I usually am embarrassed by it. Everyone (even people I don't know very well, if at all) ask me how I am feeling, offer me a seat, offer to get me water and dote on me. I had a 95 year old man in a doctors office this week tell me that he admired me for working while pregnant (clearly he is a little "old school") and in this "fragile" state. The word fragile is a good one though, because while I feel anything BUT fragile that is how most people treat pregnant women. It is actually quite sweet and endearing in most cases. I am not much for being babied (although Drew would likely argue that point!) but it seems that everyone wants to protect a pregnant lady. This will probably be the last time in my life that I am babied versus needing to baby someone else, so I guess I should just sit back and enjoy it!

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