Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 30-Showered with Blesssings

This weekend three of my dearest friends threw me an amazing baby shower! It was so fun and it was so sweet of them to spend so much time and energy. Baby L and I felt very loved and we were overly blessed with everyone's kindness. I was totally overwhelmed (in a good way!). My Aunt and cousin drove in from St. Louis, Drew's Nana drove in from Wichita and my friend Trisha drove up from Tulsa with her 21 month old! It was great to see friends and family both near and far! I have been feeling pretty stressed about shopping for Baby L and now I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted! Not only were we given the large majority of the essentials for Baby L but we also received tons of great clothes (this guy is gonna be strapping-watch out ladies!) and great gifts from current moms that I know will be so helpful to me! On the baby registry Babies R Us leaves a place for notes, usually parents write things like "It's a Boy" what I wanted to write was "If you see something missing off this list that you know is super important, please go for it because I don't have a clue what I am doing!" -the lady at the registry counter encouraged me to put "Its a Boy" instead, go figure! So thank you current mamas, your wealth of information is invaluable! I also got a gift certificate for a prenatal massage at my favorite spot in town...I cannot wait! This picture above is probably my favorite bump shot because it is Baby Keller and Baby Girl Hoge's first picture together! Baby Keller and Baby Hoge are due to arrive the same week and we are already planning their wedding! No pressure for these little ones at all!

These are my very gracious hostesses, Lindsay, Asia and Bethany. Not only did they throw a beautiful shower but they have also each been so supportive in many instrumental ways throughout my pregnancy. I love them all and am so blessed by great girl friends.

Here is a shot of my mom, me and my Grandma Hovel. I feel very fortunate that I had two of Baby L's great grandmothers at the shower!

And a pregnant girl's delight...amazing sugar cookies! I could eat these things all day...and probably will!

This is a very special gift my mom gave me that I can't wait to put up in the nursery (which by the way is coming right soon to come). This is a frame with pictures of both me (on the left) and Drew when we were newborns at the hospital! Can't wait to see what Baby L will look like!

Another special gift, a little cap that my friend Maggie knit for Baby L! It is adorable with a Jayhawk on the front! Baby L will be sporting that hat to many KU games this year...I just know it is the good luck charm to take our Football team to the Big 12 championship and our Basketball Boys to the Final Four in Indy this year! No pressure Maggie or Baby L! :)
Overall we had such a fun weekend! I am also excited to start typing weeks in the 30s! I pray that I don't have to get on this blog in 10 weeks and write Week 40!...yikes!

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  1. Hoves, I'm so sorry I missed the shower. It looks like it was a blast! I LOVED your mom's gift idea...I might have to steal it and put one together for Lola's room! Love to you, Drew, and Baby L.