Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 31-Rock Chalk Jayhawk Baby!

Today is Baby L's first KU football game! I just know he is going to love it! In honor of this special day I picked up a little KU outfit for when Baby L makes his grand entrance into the world...hard to imagine that sometime in the next 2 months our little guy will be rockin' this KU gear! We cannot wait! It is crazy to think that sometime in the next 6-9 weeks we are going to be full fledged parents!

We are totally ready with all the gear. nursery etc. My goal was to have everything ready to go by week 32 and I completed everything yesterday! The only thing we still need to do is finish getting some pictures framed for the nursery! As soon as we have that finished I will post pictures of the nursery!

I am not a big fan of this bump shot...but I guess the reality is that this is what I ACTUALLY look like! I can't blame it on Drew's poor camera work anymore! I am still feeling pretty good overall. I definitely wear out more easily, but I am still plugging right away! My first day of maternity leave is October 16th (5 weeks, 6 days from now-but who's counting?) I am so fortunate that Pfizer has amazing maternity benefits. I am allowed to take 3 weeks prior to my due date off at full pay. It will be so nice to have that time to relax and rest...but you never know Baby L might just wanna come out early so he can watch the KU vs. OU game on Oct. 24th!

One of the most exciting parts of this week was getting our new bedroom furniture and mattress! We have been sleeping so well in our new king size bed! Both Drew and I woke up after the first night fully rested, without our shoulders and back hurting...the only question we had was why on earth did we wait so long to replace our mattress!

This weekend Baby L's Aunt Jenny is in town and we are planning a great weekend at the lake (after the game today of course!) with friends and family! Should be a great close to the summer.

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