Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 32-Control?

I like to be in control. It isn't that I am a "control freak" but I feel better when I know what to expect and what the expectations are for me etc. Pregnancy has definitely helped me learn that I don't have control over every aspect of my life and I have learned a lot about letting go. That being said, today we went to Birthing Class. I went with the idea that knowledge is power. I felt that by attending Birthing Class I would be better equipped with what to expect from labor and delivery and ultimately this would help me feel more at ease and comfortable with the process and day. Hmm...WRONG! Don't get me wrong...I am happy we went, but do I feel at ease and prepared?...not so much. Initially, as we learned about the stages of labor, what to do at home when first in labor, when to go to the hospital, various relaxation techniques etc, I started to think "hey, this isn't so bad...I can totally do this, I might even be able to do it without the epidural! I can relax and think positively and look ahead to the great final product of labor and delivery...our son!" Then, we started to actually talk about delivery and pushing, and we watched MORE videos (I believe a few weeks back I wrote that I would never watch a live birth much for that idea) and the anxiety began to return. Delivery moved on to intervention techniques and then talk about the postpartum days and weeks. As we left the class Drew said that if he didn't know for certain that we all got here somehow and that women do this everyday, he wouldn't believe that anyone would possibly go through what we learned about today! I am glad that we have the information and I do know that it will be beneficial when the time arrives, but I can't say I feel any less anxious about the process. Fortunately, billions of women have done this and I can't possibly be the biggest baby of them all...I like to think I am probably tougher than at least half of the women of the world!

This weekend we had a wedding for a good college friend. At dinner Drew and I sat with several other couples that have recently had kids and they were sharing their labor and delivery stories and they literally had me laughing hysterically! So, if nothing else, a few months from now Drew and I will have stories about our experience that just may provide some comic relief for our friends! :)

The truth is that regardless of how the labor and delivery goes and despite the fact that we have no idea what to expect or when things will happen, we are so excited! We are so ready for Baby L to enter our lives in person, but in the mean time we are also loving our last days of freedom and time together as a couple.

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