Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 33-At least I am not an elephant

So...40 weeks is a LONG time. The first 30 weeks for some reason flew by in a flash. The last 3 weeks have felt like 3 months. BOOO!!! I guess I anticipated this, but I am starting to feel like this baby will be living in my belly for the rest of my life! Slightly dramatic, yes, but it is how I feel. What I remind myself of daily is that at least I was not born an elephant, because their gestational period is approximately 655 days compared to the 266 days of the human. So, for that I am grateful!

This week I have just been tired, more uncomfortable, time is crawling and I feel and look like a house. After having a rough week I was not at all pleased when I picked up my FMLA and disability paperwork from my OB on Friday only to discover she wrote down my expected due date as November 9th...WHAT!!!! If you are anything like Drew you may be thinking, wait, haven't you been saying all along that your due date is November 7th...that's only two days later...its practically the same, no big deal! NO BIG DEAL....HA, spoken only by someone that doesn't have a baby punching them in the bladder every 30 seconds! I don't know where this November 9th business came from but I am not accepting it. Every ultrasound I have had since late March has indicated November 7th. Clearly my OB can't read numbers because this baby needs to come out before November 9th! In fact, Baby L and I have been having some heart to hearts about how fun a late October birthday would be! I hope he is listening to his mother!

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  1. OK so I am totally feeling you, dog! These last couple of weeks have been pretty uncomfortable...sleeping is getting so much harder. We will have to push each other on...we can make it, right?? :) You look fantastic, by the way!