Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 34-Dreams

I have lots of dreams these days. You may be thinking I am dreaming of Baby L and what he will look like, how life will be after he arrives, what kind of man he will be, what he will love, what he won't enjoy, the adventures we will share, etc. Yes, of course I dream of all these things. But right now, during these last 6 weeks I have more simple and bizarre dreams.

The simple dreams are things like...dreaming I could sleep on my back or better yet on my stomach. Dreaming that I could roll over with ease in bed or take a nice big deep breath. Dreaming that I could sleep for longer than two hours at night without having to use the restroom. Maybe going for a run, or getting dressed up in a really nice outfit, having a martini and going dancing; even simpler splitting a bottle of wine on the deck with Drew.

The bizarre dreams are coming more frequently at night. As I stumble to the bathroom every two hours and try not to trip over the dogs on the way, I remember bits and portions of the dreams I have just had. They are vivid and very bizarre. One I do remember from this week: Whitney Houston was President of the United States...not "crack is whack" Whitney but the mid 1980's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" Whitney. She was a dancing, singing president and for some reason I was explaining to Baby L why entertainers make great presidents and, after all, she does have one of the best renditions of the Star Spangled Banner (according to Drew). Seriously...what is wrong with my head??? Any dream experts out there, what could this possibly mean?

So, other than dreaming of days with Baby L, life after pregnancy and Whitney Houston as president all is good. Everything is still right on track with Baby L and going well. Still hoping for that late October birthday!

The pictures posted are courtesy of Bethany Good, the next big thing in photographic journalism! She took the Jayhawk picture at the latest KU tailgate (our 4-0 Jayhawks!) and the second at our Book Club on Thursday evening. I am the bump on the far left, followed by Brooke and Asia's bumps. All three of us are due the beginning half of November and Baby L will be lucky to have two baby girlfriends just his size at our next book club meeting the beginning of December!

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