Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 36-The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Literally?)

One week closer! Friday we went for our 36 week checkup. First, Dr. Loften confirmed that my due date is in fact November 7th, not November 9th. She said that everything looked great with Baby L and right on track. Since things are going so well there is no reason for us to come back for our scheduled appointment next week. We will see her again at 38 weeks when she will officially "check" things out and see where we are in this whole process. She also said, much to my dismay, that if Baby L doesn't come on his own she will wait to induce me until 41 weeks, which means that if I must be induced, it will be Friday November 13th...Friday the must be kidding me! She knocked on wood and said she has never had a problem on Friday the 13th! Even though I hope Baby L comes long before November 13th, it is also VERY reassuring to have an end date to this pregnancy in sight. No matter what, at MOST in 32 days Baby L will be here!

This week is also my final week of work prior to my maternity leave. I am pretty excited (understatement of the year) to not have to dress up each day (especially since fall skipped over us and winter feels like it is here and I have NO warm clothes that fit!), lift bags and boxes in and out of my car and most importantly to not set an alarm! I am hoping to read quite a few books regarding developing healthy sleep habits, infant care and breastfeeding during this time and of course do some major cleaning and organization of the house. I also plan on taking lots of long walks to coax Baby L right along! We have our final class on Tuesday, Breastfeeding. Drew thinks he has earned a Bachelor's degree in Child Birth at this point with all the classes we have taken! We are as ready as we will ever be!

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