Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 37-Different?

So I am officially on maternity leave!!! Today may be Saturday, but that means NOTHING to me right now! I am really looking forward to this time...although it IS very difficult to plan how to spend my time until Baby L arrives! I have a LONG list of To Do items and I feel an urgency to get them all checked off in the first few days just in case. Yet, if Baby L hangs out another 3 weeks, or worse yet, shows up late in 4 weeks...I will go insane from boredom!

Nothing to this point makes me think Baby L has any intention of showing up early. I hope he holds out until the 25th, because I really want to go to the KU vs. OU game next weekend! Tonight we are having some friends over for the KU game and it just may be our last hurrah at Casa de la Keller for awhile.

This weeks picture is really just for fun. This is my 14 weeks pic VS. my 37 weeks pic. Obviously, a lot can change in a mere 23 weeks! I am proud to say that I fit into every item of clothing that I wore in that 14 week shot...including my jeans...not that any of them fit well...and NOT that I would wear any of them in public...but hey I still squeezed my way in!

Please send patience vibes my way, because I really need them! :)

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