Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 38-Let the Games Begin!

Rigley and Bentley just can't help but get in every picture recently!

My mom the night before I was born! I hope I can be as good of a mom as she has been to me!

We are definitely in the home stretch! I had a great week off work, although it was far from the relaxing, resting time that I believe this pre-maternity leave time was intended for! I was busy running errands, cleaning, and taking care of all kinds of things on my to do list. I still have 2 books I would like to read and 4 closets to clean out, although my body (and Drew) is telling me that naps and relaxing are first on the priority to do list!

Friday we went to see Dr. Loften and things are looking good for Baby L! I will spare you the details, but Baby L is definitely making progress toward joining us! I went to the appointment prepared to lobby Dr. Loften into a compromise so that my induction date (if needed) would not be Friday the 13th. Since Baby L is making progress, she said she would not let me go past my due date! I am so excited! It is totally surreal that in 2 weeks or less, we will have a baby. I went to visit a friend this week that just recently had a baby and I can't believe that one of those is actually living in my belly! You would think I would have grasped that after 38 weeks, but I am not sure that reality has really sunk in!

I am having lots of contractions, especially in the evening and at night, and some are starting to get a little painful. Nothing with any pattern (obviously since I am sitting at home typing this blog), but I have a feeling Baby L is getting ready! I second guess every little (and big) twinge...and am constantly wondering "is this it?"


  1. Awww Sar, you touch my heart! You will be and already are a wonderful mom! Little Baby L is so blessed to have you as his mom and I am blessed to have you as my daughter! I can't wait to watch you in action and to get my turn at holding that little man once he makes his appearance. I love you bunches!

  2. Pretty exciting! You look great:)