Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's Missing?

So we finally have completed the nursery! All that's missing is Baby L! We had a lot of fun putting together Baby L's room! We had lots of help from family and friends. My mom helped me paint, put furniture together and hang the valances, a friend put up our chair rail, Drew's Granddad allowed us to raid his scrap books from college when he played football for KU, and many family and friends gave us lots of great gifts to fill his room from animals and wall hangings to rockers both Mom and Dad sized AND Baby L sized! We are also very grateful to Drew's Granddad and parents for helping us purchase the furniture in the nursery.
Our favorite part of putting together the nursery was pouring through Drew's Granddad's college and sports memorabilia. He had literally a dozen scrap books with newspaper clippings, pictures, playbooks, you name it from his days at KU. Above the crib is actually a pullout from the very first EVER Sports Illustrated. It has baseball cards from all the greats: Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams to name just a few.

Above the changing table are two game day playbooks from KU football games Drew's Granddad played in during the 1944 season and the College Gridiron Review from the the 1944 football season. We had at least 6 others that we would have loved to frame. The artwork on the front of the play books is just incredible...things definitely are no longer what they used to be!
Above the glider is a special print that Baby L's Aunt Jenny gave us. I love the words on the print: For a long time, there were only your footprints and laughter in our dreams and even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever.

Here is a closeup shot of one of the black and white photo frames. This frame has a picture of Drew's Granddad in his KU football uniform as well as pictures of both Drew's Dad and my Dad in their baseball uniforms in the late 1950s! Below this frame is the frame of Drew and me as infants in the hospital that my mom gave us at the shower.
We had to laugh as we finished hanging everything on the walls Sunday night...when Drew and I looked around our OWN bedroom we don't have a single framed picture hanging on the walls! Baby L is literally getting the royal treatment...his room might be one of the only "finished" rooms in our home!

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