Monday, November 9, 2009

40 weeks, 2 Days...282 Days and Counting

I have been asked to keep updating...I know everyone is anxiously awaiting some sort of "news"...sorry to disappoint...we are still waiting! We had a wonderful weekend...very quiet, but a nice closeout to the pre-baby weekends.

I went for the non stress test this morning and it went perfectly. Baby L is doing great and Dr. Loften has no concerns right now. I will go again on Thursday.

We have LOTS of friends that were expecting right around our due date...about 8 couples...and all but one of the couples has had their babies. So, I think Baby L must be an attention seeker. He wants to wait until all the other bambinos have been born so that he can get the spotlight all to himself!

While I have loved having time off from work...I am going on about three and half weeks and I am going crazy...SO, here are some pictures I took this morning of our current babies..Rigley and Bentley who are taking extra special care of me at home!