Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Change of Heart

Despite the fact that we are so excited and anxious to meet our son, we have decided not to move forward with the induction on Friday. Ever since the appointment on Friday something has just not felt "right" to me. Pregnancy for the last 39+ weeks, at least for me, has been a lot about surrendering control of the uncontrollable (a life lesson I greatly needed), and the conclusion of this pregnancy should be no different. I just don't feel that I should force when Baby L enters the world, unless it is medically necessary for his safety or for mine. So we will wait, putting no pressure on Baby L. Of course, if we reach 41 weeks things start to change and, again, we will have to consider inducing labor, but at just under 40 weeks I feel it is better to wait. This little guy will come when he is strong enough and ready. In the scope of a lifetime, what's a few more days! This morning I woke up finally feeling at peace with Baby L's upcoming birth, and I know this is the right choice.

One of both Drew and my biggest pet peeves is tardiness...so it will be quite humorous if our son decides to break the family mold and show up late to the party!


  1. Late for his own birthday party!! Now that is MY grandson:)

  2. Sarah -
    I am so glad you decided to wait. I had to be induced with Spencer (at 41 + weeks) and it was rough. Graham came on his own (on the eve of a scheduled induction) and it was a much more mellow labor. Hopefully little L will decided it is time soon! You must be very ready - I am so impressed with how insightful you are about it all though and how patient you are being. You are going to be such an awesome mom!! xoxoNellie