Monday, December 28, 2009

Our First Christmas

We had the best Christmas gift of all this year! Luke was 6 weeks old Christmas day and the star of the day! We had a great Christmas with both family and friends. Just a few days before Christmas Luke graced us with his first true social smiles! Let me tell you those smiles just melt my heart...after I got the first one I found myself doing crazy stunts just to get another one! If anyone would have seen me they would have thought I lost my mind, but fortunately for me Luke thought I was hilarious!

It was wonderful to spend our holiday with both our extended family as well as our little family of three! Everyone made our first Christmas so special. As we fell asleep on Christmas Eve Drew and I dreamed about what future Christmas Eve's will entail...late night toy assemblies and the anticipation of seeing Luke's face the next morning when he gets his first peak at his gifts under the tree!

Aunt Jenny had a special surprise for us on Christmas...all of our gifts under the tree were wrapped in LUKE! She had a special "secret" photo shoot with Luke and then had wrapping paper made with the photos! It was so fun and of course I opened every gift with a letter opener so that we could save all the wrapping paper!

Luke slept through much of Christmas Eve!

Luke's stocking was bigger than he was this year!

Luke wasn't the only spoiled one this year...the three dogs had several bones in the Christmas tree! Including a massive two foot long one!

We had a wonderful holiday and hope that you and your family did as well! Enjoy the rest of 2009!

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  1. Glad you guys had a great Christmas! Luke looks darling in his argyle sweater!