Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Cup Runneth Over

2010 has been a year for the record books in the Keller house.  At night when the quiet part of the day finally settles in, Drew and I often talk about how incredibly blessed we feel.  We hardly deserve the countless blessings that have been bestowed upon us.  We have an amazing family with four healthy grandparents who dote on our little man, a son that warms our hearts and has such a sweet nature, great jobs, a warm home, plenty of nourishment and more than we certainly need.  This year we have changed so much through parenthood and we feel so overly happy.

It seems hard to believe that 2011 could top this year but we are setting off on a good start!  Drew is starting a new job this Monday that he is incredibly excited about.  He is anxious for a new challenge and feels great about this new chapter.  Little Luke is starting a new daycare on Monday too with a fabulous couple that we know will treat him like one of their own and we are excited for his continued development with them!  Last, but certainly not least, we are expecting Baby #2 around the 4th of July!  We are so excited for our little firecracker to join our lives and are anxious for Luke to become a big brother! 

Our little firecracker!  Hard to tell from this picture but Baby #2 has the same nose and chin that Luke had in his ultrasound pictures!

The joy I feel when I think of our lives and our growing family is really quite overwhelming at times, and I couldn't have dreamed it any better!  This little firecracker is already giving me a run for my money as this pregnancy has already been more eventful than my pregnancy with Luke...but as long as this little one is born healthy in about 6 months I will gladly endure anything!

Please keep our growing family in your prayers as we begin so many new chapters in 2011!  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Slumber!

Phew...this day my family calls Christmas sure is exhausting!  We have had a really fun week, I feel like it hasn't stopped for even a minute!  We have been  constantly on the go, seeing fun people and every night I went to bed in a different spot but still woke up in my own bed...that's the strangest did I get there?

I think last year I slept through Christmas but this year I was a full participant...I'm not sure I really understand what was going on, but I sure had a fun time playing with all the wrapping paper, climbing on all the boxes and getting so much attention.  Plus, now there are all kinds of fun new toys to play with and books to read. 

On Christmas Eve morning I gave my parents the best gift and slept in until almost 8:30!  I am going to try to do that more often because they rewarded me with a such a fun morning!  I am loving all this time at home hanging out with mom and dad, its all about me!!!

Breaking into my stocking on Christmas Eve morning

Every morning Daddy sits on these pillows with the remote and his coffee...I found the remote and coffee on my own and decided to sit just like parents thought it was hilarious!

Waiting on the rest of my gifts from Santa!

This was the most excited I got to open gifts this year

Even though I wasn't that in to opening the gifts, I sure got excited when I saw what was inside!
This was actually my favorite part of gift opening time...climbing!

Pretty excited about my new riding toy at Mimi's house

I'm pretty big time on my new trike!  Now mom and dad can help me ride to the park!

I have too many toys, so Santa brought me a nice big toy box (was this gift for me or mom?)
Mom was so busy enjoying the day that she forgot to take many we are waiting on some from my Nonni and Tia Juana! 

The overriding feeling in our house is that we are so blessed and fortunate and that we hardly deserve all the gifts and blessings we have been given.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas...we are all snoozing now to recover!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Much Fun!

I have been quite the party animal lately!  Mom and Dad have kept me very busy and I am loving every minute! 

I am becoming quite the experienced diner! Thursday night we went out for a fun Mexican dinner and then Friday we went out for pizza with my friend Maeve! We stole, I mean shared, each other's pizza and snacks!  I even got to stay up late!

Then on Saturday I had my first real and dad kinda tricked me, I was playing with my new friend Michelle and suddenly they the time I realized it they were on their way to cheer on the Jayhawks!  I had a great time with Michelle...but I did bend the rules a little and didn't take my nap!  Then that same night I got to have a fun sleepover at Nonni and Papa's house!  Mom and dad went on a date, they say that kind of thing is super important, I think they would have had more fun if I had joined them for dinner! 

Sunday morning I got to go with mom to a baby shower for my friend Baby Duffy!  We are so excited that Ashlee is having a baby and that I will have another friend to play with, seems like everyday more new friends are born, my social calendar is getting a little hectic! 

Today was the BEST day ever though, I got to spend the whole day with my daddy while mommy was at work.  We played all day long, we sent Mommy lots of fun pictures throughout the day, like the one of me pulling my stocking down off the mantel, pictures of me getting my big boy haircut, and pictures of me playing in my Mega Fun Land!  Daddy even bought me a Happy caught us when she found the toy on the floor when she got home tonight...oops, that was supposed to be daddy and my secret!  We also went to the park and played with our doggies!  I think dad should stay home every day with me! 

Getting my hair cut with Daddy today! (sent to mom's cell phone today)

Playing in my Play Land in our basement with Daddy (sent to mom's cell phone today)

Getting ready to get in to something!

I like mom's GLASS bowls way better than my plastic stacking cups!
I'm still holding out on walking.  My parents are pretty sure I can do it but I hear them use words like "laid back" and "at his own speed."  I'm not sure what all that means.  I am just not in much of a hurry with any aspect of life...I just take it all in..I like to laugh and explore and I'm very particular about things I like and I am very specific about things I like to touch and play with, certain textures are just not for me! But as far as moving around on two legs versus four like my doggies, it's just not on my priority list.  I hear my Tia Juana is coming tomorrow though and that she wants to see me walk so I might have to turn it on this week for Christmas!

My new favorite things are mimicking the all words that mom and dad say, starting to used my baby signs, lifting my arms high above my head when mom and dad say "how big is Luke?" and eating with a fork!
Thinking I am way too cute for my own good!

Look at me, such a big boy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking Back

Look how big I have gotten and how much I have grown since last December!  I am such a big boy...who is that little baby with the blank stare sitting in that chair December 13, 2009? 

I think when my parents took this picture last December they hoped they might have me all figured out by this time....HA HA HA....boy did I have them tricked!  I keep them guessing each and every day...just when I think they might be getting the hang of me, I go and switch everything up!  Whether its my napping schedule or what I am willing to eat, what I like to play with, I am always changing my mind and very particular!  These parents of mine are just clueless!  My mom says that I am JUST like my dad with my eating habits...she's going to have to carry around a box of macaroni and cheese in her purse just like my Mimi did with my Daddy. 

We are gearing up for Christmas at our house...I think Santa is going to come...even though I told mom and dad I don't think I am up to visiting him this year.  I don't like big men with beards too much these days (they make me cry) and dad say that I have been very nice and not too naughty, so even if I don't see Santa in person he will still bring me lots of fun things this year!  I have been very good and haven't touched the Christmas tree one time since mom and dad put it up last weekend! 

I am pretty excited because this is my last week of daycare for several weeks!  For the rest of the year I get to hang out with mom and dad, Nonni and Papa, and Mimi, Granddad and Aunt Jenny!  I am so spoiled!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My mom is such a slacker!  It's like she doesn't think I am interesting or exciting enough anymore...or maybe I'm just keeping her too busy!  We've been having lots of fun...I got to spend 10 whole days at home and not at daycare which I loved...I think all three of us wish that every week were Thanksgiving!  My mom says being a working mom is really hard sometimes and I think she really misses me (most days), I miss her lots too (or at least she hopes so!).

We had a fun Thanksgiving with some of mommy and daddy's friends in Wichita and I also got to hang out at my Great Nana Iddings house....she has lots of fun things to get in to and pull off the shelves!  One of my favorite parts was staying in a hotel room with my mom and dad...we had an all night party!!!  Every time mom and dad got tired of playing with me I would scream and shout to get them to come over and get me from my pack n' play, we stayed up all night!

Snuggling with Nana

Love to give Hugs!

I think I might decide to start walking soon.  I have started to take a few independent steps between pieces of furniture (but only because mom and dad cheer for me when I do and I get to clap for myself) and I love to walk next to mommy and hold just one of her hands...we get around SO fast!  I giggle the whole time because its so much fun!  I love to hide my toys in places like the fireplace and daddy's boots.  I tell long, wild stories to mom and dad and they play along, but sometimes they act like I am speaking a foreign language, I don't know what their deal is!

I'm trying to eat a lot because I'm pretty little.  At my one year appointment I only weighed 20 lbs 1.6oz, so I spend lots of time in my high chair these days eating yummy foods with lots of fat!  Mom says I should eat all things covered in gravy and butter! 

Mom and dad haven't put up the Christmas tree yet because they are worried that I will pull it over or hide all of the ornaments!  I can't wait until they put it up so I can get int to all kinds of mischief!  When I am being a stinker I can't stop giggling! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Year Photos!

Thanks to our good friend Bethany for capturing our little man this weekend in honor of his first birthday!  To check out a few of the awesome pics she took click on her name!  I'm sure I will be adding a few more to the blog in the coming days!  Bethany happened to catch Luke in the only thirty minute window he has felt reasonably well in the last few days...poor little man is battling a stomach bug.  We are hoping we can get the little guy eating again soon...our little Meatball is wasting away! 

Thank so much Bethany, you have such a gift!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

How can I summarize the greatest year of my life…quite simply, I cannot…what I can say is that Luke has changed our lives, taught us more than he will ever comprehend and has brought us so much joy and happiness! With each passing month of the last year he has surprised us, warmed our hearts with his smiles, laughs and mellow disposition, and made us a family. It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed us by. I embrace every moment with our little man and cherish the days as they pass us by and I know that the best is only yet to come! We have many surprises in store for one another and I am fairly certain that we will learn just as much from Luke as he learns from us! And as a favorite child’s book so perfectly summarizes…”How do I love you let me count the ways….I love all that you will be and everything you are.”

Our Very Happy  Birthday Boy!
  We had a wonderful birthday celebration filled with family and friends and even a webcam visit from Tia Jauna in Vermont during cake time! Luke was overly spoiled…in fact, as I sit and type this I am staring at a pile of yet to be opened gifts…I think we should just change the wrapping over to Christmas paper and call it done!

Already thinking about tearing in to a few of his gifts...

Not so sure about that candle...but Rigley is ready to help him eat cake!

Typical Luke...always tentative first...

Older and wiser Harper decided to help Luke with his cake...maybe they were practicing for their wedding cake someday :)

Mom...I can't see!

Daddy's gift to Luke...the Mega Playland...complete with over 100 fun house balls, multiple tunnels and play areas....a mother's nightmare! Dad decided we needed at least 300 more balls!

Today the little man is wiped out and sleeping the day away…leaving me to packing up the infant clothes and toys that are now from a former day! Cheers to our toddler!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a Week...

My mom says that this has been a week for the record books. She says she doesn’t know what she is going to do with me. One word I have heard her use a lot this week is pitiful…I have felt pretty pitiful.
This week my sweet little girlfriend Harper celebrated her first birthday, and I was so excited to see her and her big brother Henry. I think I want to be Henry when I grow up.
Just when we were really getting ready to start her birthday festivities with cake, ice cream and gifts I stole the show and had the first projectile vomit session of my life. Let’s just say I came home in Harper’s clothes and mom and dad came home in Harper’s parents’ clothes! It wasn’t pretty. I feel kinda bad for stealing Harper’s thunder and I hope I can make it up to her in 2 weeks at my birthday party. 

The next day I woke up and felt fine and mom and dad breathed a huge sigh of relief…until Friday when I woke up with my THIRD head cold in FIVE weeks! (this is when my mom started to really say “Luke what are we going to do with you!”). Friday night I didn’t sleep at all and mom and dad took shifts staying up with me and trying to help me get comfortable. I was supposed to go to a fun Baby Halloween party on Saturday with lots of my friends, but mom and dad wouldn’t let me go…they said I might get my friends sick and then mom and dad would never get invited to parties again…we were all pretty bummed out. After all, I looked pretty cute in my Chewbacca outfit and I hardly got to show it off…not to mention all the cute photo ops we would have had!

Today, for Halloween, because mom and dad couldn’t take another moment in the house, we joined my friend Campbell and her parents, and my Nonni and Papa and went to The Village to see the trick or treaters. Campbell/Little Bumblebee and I weren’t too sure about Halloween, but it seems we are always along for the ride with our crazy parents!

Me and Campbell the Bumblebee...Not so sure about these outfits!
With The Santa pumpkin patch (my daycare friends)

I think everyone at our house is hoping for an upcoming week of health that lasts for longer than 10 days!

Poor pitiful me!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Win or Lose....

Mom and Dad said people like it when I blog, so I am back this week with the latest!  Today we went to KU Homecoming, Mom and Dad said it was just for the socializing because the Jayhawks are rotten this year! I think I was the hit of the tailgate (let's be honest, there isn't much to celebrate this year)! Mom and Dad claim that the Jayhawks used to be good, but I am not sure if I believe them.   I ate some yummy food, put lots of things in my mouth that I shouldn't, got super freaked out by odd looking strangers and tried to avoid Mom's camera as much as possible (that lady has lost it!).
I was the only baby at the tailgate...BUT I have 5 new tailgating friends on the way...the problem is they are all in these ladies' bellies.  I sure am glad I am not in my Mom's belly! I guess next year I will have to show the newbies all the ropes!
I finally decided to stop being so stubborn and have started standing a lot more...I wish I hadn't let my parents know I could do this because now they make me do it ALL the time...I just love to be carried is SO much easier, but they get so excited when I stand and take steps that I guess I better keep doing it!  It sure would be a lot easier to see where I was stepping if my Dad didn't put his huge hat on my head!  We did go to the game and I really liked the crowd, music and of course clapping with everyone, but after the first quarter my parents were so disgusted with the Jayhawks that they took me home and put me to bed...silly Jayhawks.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the mind of an 11 month old...

Pssst…It’s me, Luke! My mom and dad don’t share enough about all the fun I’m having these days so I am hijacking the blog this week!

I’m 11 months old today and I think I’m pretty big time! I finally have some big chompers and boy has it helped me eat better…I eat what mom and dad eat now and chew all my food with my front teeth. I’m very messy and love to rub food in my hair (that way I get to have a bath which I LOVE).
I have two pretty cool dogs and my mom and dad are fairly sure I say “doggie” or something close to it every time I see Bentley and Rigley. I “talk” a lot. I’m trying so hard to tell people what’s on my mind and it sometimes frustrates me that they don’t understand so mom and dad are working on baby signs with me now! I love to point at things in the house and make a questioning sound so mom and dad will tell me what things are called. Every time I hear the word “bye” even if it is on TV or in passing I wave my hand!

I have gotten pretty fast with my crawling. I love to explore and get in to everything. I love doors and like to pull things out of drawers and cabinets. Mommy and daddy are starting to lock me out of things and I don’t understand why. It makes me pout and cry, but they don’t seem to respond…boo. I climb up the stairs super fast and I sure hope mom and dad don’t buy one of those gates like other people have and ruin all my fun (I heard them talking about it last night) I promise I won’t fall down the stairs!

I still love music and do my butt dance and clap my hands. Mom and dad play me lots of kinds of music but much to their dismay I still prefer the catchy little ditties my brightly colored toys play! At my Mimi and Granddads I look and point at the CD player to get them to play my favorite CD!

I love to cruise around on the furniture and people’s legs. I love to stand and grow stronger each day. I can stand by myself but I sure don’t like to, I would rather hold on. Maybe one of these days I will try it more on my own, walking would be cool but the dogs crawl so why can’t I? Bentley and Rigley showed me how to carry toys in my mouth. I wonder if I look like a dog? Mom and dad show me the cute little guy in the mirror everyday, maybe that’s what I look like? They are constantly pointing to things on the baby in the mirror and saying things like “eyes, nose, mouth, ears.”

I have a new trick that seems to make my parents happy and laugh (btw they smile a lot when I am around, I wonder if they smile that much when they are away from me) anyway, I make a kissing face now. My mom thinks it looks kind of like a fish kiss, but I do that face and make a kiss sound! People seem to like it, so I do it a lot!

I don’t like it when people walk very far from me, I want them to stick close and I get very upset if mom and dad stray very far. Recently strangers kind of freak me out, I warm up eventually, but it takes me some time.

I hear my mom and dad talk about how they are amazed by my memory skills. I don’t know that I am any different from other babies my age, I think my parents just had no idea how much an 11 month old would understand and remember and they have lots of fun testing my memory skills. They cheer for me when I am correct so I try extra hard! I think my parents are pretty cool, so I try to imitate them as much as possible. I also think their electronics are neat so I try to type on their computers, I hold their phones up to my ear and talk and I have learned that the buttons on the remote make the TV do silly things!

Life sure is exciting! Overall, I couldn’t be happier! I will check in next month after my first birthday! I can’t wait to try some cake!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Little Jack-O-Lantern

It was a Saturday in the heart of football season, it was near 90 degrees and sunny....were we at a football game...nope, a sports bar.... nope, sleeping in...nope guess again, we were at one of a million pumpkin patches with other parents of young kiddos trying to fill the day with fun between naps!  I never knew so many pumpkin patches existed or how many families spend Saturdays in October at pumpkin patches!

Luke was a trooper...but the little man does not like the heat...he would have preferred some shorts and his pool at the lake! I had high hopes of some great photo ops...but the little man had few smiles for the below pictures will indicate...he had had enough! Hopefully soon I can get a real smile captured...because Luke toothless grins are a thing of the past...he now has at least 6 teeth (he doesn't like me to look).  Four of his six teeth are on the top and his smile looks much like a jack-o-lantern!

Luke's friend Sam joined us on Saturday!  They enjoyed the petting zoo.  Sam got his little fingers nibbled by a pig, the boys pet the pigs, goats, a llama, saw chicks and a cow!  Luke always loves to have friends his own size join him on adventures!

This last picture pretty much sums up Luke's parting thoughts with the pumpkin patch....