Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rolling Over!

I am still having a difficult time catching Luke's super happy smiles on is a TINY one...far from those open mouth, giddy, eye squinting smiles he so frequently gives us! This weekend Luke started laughing, it is impossible not to laugh with him!
Luke is not the biggest fan of tummy time...he is improving as you will see from the pictures below, but it is still not even close to his favorite past time! He would much rather bat at toys with his hands and feet while chilling on his back! He loves his back SO much that he is developing a little flat spot on his head so we need to be very proactive, much to Luke's dismay, about tummy time!

This picture says it all, MOM I am worn out with this tummy time...please no more!

He is tricking everyone here...looking happy about his tummy time! Really, what he is thinking is, I know I way to trick you mom and get off my tummy!
He is still thinking about how he can pull it off! And moments after I took this picture, Luke got his way...AND ROLLED OVER! We were both pretty surprised! Now, he tolerates tummy time for a short period, then gives me a little grin and proceeds to roll over! What a little stinker!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Travel Superstar

This past weekend we took a road trip down to Tulsa, OK to visit our friends the Glasers. We weren't too certain how Luke would handle a road trip and sleeping in a new environment. We had been warned to set reasonable expectations. Luke passed with flying colors! He slept the entire drive down to Tulsa on Friday and home on Sunday! He kept to his sleep schedule and slept like a rock star! He made our trip so easy and it was so wonderful to catch up with old friends!

The Glasers made our first trip away from home so fun! They were wonderful hosts and spoiled us! Luke had fun meeting another new friend, Grace. She showed him the ropes and was very sweet to share her toys with Luke!

Grace helped entertain Luke while the grown ups caught up! She was very eager to replace his binkie and make sure that he was covered up with a blanket! She was a sweetheart with him!

I love this picture above of Luke and Grace flirting with each other! Luke is the ladies man even with the older women!

Drew also got a taste of what it might be like to have a little girl someday! He and Grace played princess and I think he looks pretty handsome in his tiara!

For the special occasion of heading down to "cowboy" country we outfitted Luke in appropriate attire, cowboy shirt and boots! Overall, we had a great trip visiting with the Glasers!
In other news, Luke had another date with Harper last week! In this picture you can see that he is really starting to put the moves on her...they have progressed to holding hands!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Months Old!

Today Luke is two months old! Wow, have the last two months flown by! They have been the best of my life! I never doubted that I would love Luke, but I had NO idea how deep that love would be and what it would really feel like to be a mommy. I love every moment with Luke and we are so blessed that he is a part of our family! We are having the time of our lives!

Even though Luke smiles constantly, he does not seem to like the camera very much! I have a difficult time capturing his little grins that are heart melting! Maybe one of these days he will figure out that mommy is still behind that scary looking camera!

We had our two month appointment today at the pediatrician and Luke is growing! He weighed in at 11lbs, 11 oz and 23.5 inches long! He is becoming quite the little chunk! He was a trooper through his shots, but tonight he is definitely wiped out and a little cranky!

This week Luke discovered his hands and his tongue! He loves to suck on his fists and touch his tongue on just about anything he can get it on!

I think in this picture he is thinking "seriously, Mom!" This definitely won't be the last time he gets annoyed with me!

As you can see from the above picture, he has begun to drool...incessantly! So, in every picture from here on out he will likely be wearing a bib!

This weekend we are taking our first road trip with Luke! We are going to visit our good friends, The Glasers, in Tulsa, OK. We will see how Luke does with the four hour drive and change of environment, but I think he will do great! I have always had a difficult time packing for trips, but now things are REALLY challenging! My list is going to be a mile long!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby It's TOO Cold Outside!

Luke and I are getting pretty creative with things to keep us busy at home lately. It is FREEZING out...that's an understatement...the weather forecast says the HIGH tomorrow is -1, you read that correctly NEGATIVE ONE. Combined with more snow, and 40 mph wind gusts we are not venturing outdoors. We have had to cancel many play dates with friends due to the weather and we have a little cabin fever, but we are making do with lots of tummy time (which Luke despises), lots of singing, dancing, and working out so mommy can wear her work clothes in 7 weeks! Luke is pretty bummed about our indoor time because for the first 6 weeks of his life we took him everywhere! He has been to all our favorite restaurants and all over town. He is developing quite a sophisticated palate, he has been to Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Italian restaurants just to name a few!

One positive is that the weather has allowed us to work on getting into a routine with Luke. He is starting to take both a morning and afternoon nap and last night he slept 9 straight was blissful! Luke definitely recognizes both Drew and me as "his people" now, which is very special, and very affirming for me! He is quite the flirt! He also loves to snuggle with his puppies in this cold weather!