Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby It's TOO Cold Outside!

Luke and I are getting pretty creative with things to keep us busy at home lately. It is FREEZING out...that's an understatement...the weather forecast says the HIGH tomorrow is -1, you read that correctly NEGATIVE ONE. Combined with more snow, and 40 mph wind gusts we are not venturing outdoors. We have had to cancel many play dates with friends due to the weather and we have a little cabin fever, but we are making do with lots of tummy time (which Luke despises), lots of singing, dancing, and working out so mommy can wear her work clothes in 7 weeks! Luke is pretty bummed about our indoor time because for the first 6 weeks of his life we took him everywhere! He has been to all our favorite restaurants and all over town. He is developing quite a sophisticated palate, he has been to Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Italian restaurants just to name a few!

One positive is that the weather has allowed us to work on getting into a routine with Luke. He is starting to take both a morning and afternoon nap and last night he slept 9 straight was blissful! Luke definitely recognizes both Drew and me as "his people" now, which is very special, and very affirming for me! He is quite the flirt! He also loves to snuggle with his puppies in this cold weather!

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  1. Sorry about all the indoor time=( That's got to be frustrating. At least the schedule is coming along!! Love the pics!