Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rolling Over!

I am still having a difficult time catching Luke's super happy smiles on is a TINY one...far from those open mouth, giddy, eye squinting smiles he so frequently gives us! This weekend Luke started laughing, it is impossible not to laugh with him!
Luke is not the biggest fan of tummy time...he is improving as you will see from the pictures below, but it is still not even close to his favorite past time! He would much rather bat at toys with his hands and feet while chilling on his back! He loves his back SO much that he is developing a little flat spot on his head so we need to be very proactive, much to Luke's dismay, about tummy time!

This picture says it all, MOM I am worn out with this tummy time...please no more!

He is tricking everyone here...looking happy about his tummy time! Really, what he is thinking is, I know I way to trick you mom and get off my tummy!
He is still thinking about how he can pull it off! And moments after I took this picture, Luke got his way...AND ROLLED OVER! We were both pretty surprised! Now, he tolerates tummy time for a short period, then gives me a little grin and proceeds to roll over! What a little stinker!

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  1. Ahh, the signs of things to come!! Just when you think you are in charge you find out you aren't!!