Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Travel Superstar

This past weekend we took a road trip down to Tulsa, OK to visit our friends the Glasers. We weren't too certain how Luke would handle a road trip and sleeping in a new environment. We had been warned to set reasonable expectations. Luke passed with flying colors! He slept the entire drive down to Tulsa on Friday and home on Sunday! He kept to his sleep schedule and slept like a rock star! He made our trip so easy and it was so wonderful to catch up with old friends!

The Glasers made our first trip away from home so fun! They were wonderful hosts and spoiled us! Luke had fun meeting another new friend, Grace. She showed him the ropes and was very sweet to share her toys with Luke!

Grace helped entertain Luke while the grown ups caught up! She was very eager to replace his binkie and make sure that he was covered up with a blanket! She was a sweetheart with him!

I love this picture above of Luke and Grace flirting with each other! Luke is the ladies man even with the older women!

Drew also got a taste of what it might be like to have a little girl someday! He and Grace played princess and I think he looks pretty handsome in his tiara!

For the special occasion of heading down to "cowboy" country we outfitted Luke in appropriate attire, cowboy shirt and boots! Overall, we had a great trip visiting with the Glasers!
In other news, Luke had another date with Harper last week! In this picture you can see that he is really starting to put the moves on her...they have progressed to holding hands!

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  1. I love that Drew had a beer in hand while playing princess. Also love what a flirt little Luke is. He's such a cutie pie!