Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Haircut

If you would have told me 4 months ago at this time that my soon-to-be-born child would have his first haircut by 4 months I would have said you were crazy! But, alas, here we are, long overdue for our first haircut! As you can see, Luke had some seriously shaggy hair...while it attracts a lot of attention, it also attracts a lot of spit up and something had to give!

So today, a friend cut Luke's hair! He looked like such a big boy sitting in his Bumbo seat with a little cape around his neck! He did awesome and it was so fun!

He had an audience watching him getting his hair cut and my mom was snapping pictures of him like the Papparazzi! I'm not sure anyone has had this much attention during a haircut since Britney Spears shaved her head!

Everyone keeps telling me that Luke is going to lose this hair...maybe he will, maybe he won' sure is A LOT of thick hair! The only one losing their hair these days is ME...while I was fully expecting the anticipated hair loss post pregnancy nothing could have prepared me for the amount of hair loss...I'm starting to fear I may go bald!

Here Luke is getting the finishing touches on his new "do."

And finally my precious pumpkin with his new big boy look! What a charmer! How can you say "no" to this face?!?


  1. His final cut was sure LOTS cuter than Brittany's!