Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Luke's Baptism

The final event of our busy weekend was our little Luke's baptism. It was very special because Luke was not only baptized in the church where Drew and I were married but he also was baptized by my Dad, his Papa. Luke did remarkably well, he didn't cry at all and seemed like his usual joyful self! He was very well behaved in church and even made it through the brunch and family time all afternoon while missing his nap...NO tears! Just lots of coos and fun times!

Drew and I originally thought we would like to have Luke baptized in the Spring when the weather would be better, it would be easier for family to travel etc. When we realized my mom's 60th birthday fell on a Sunday and the first day of Spring we couldn't think of a better day! Well, old man Winter had his last hurrah on Saturday and we had 8 inches of snow! Luckily, everyone could still be with us. Luke had 2 Great Grandparents, 4 Grandparents, 2 Great Aunts, 1 Great Uncle, 1 Aunt, 2 parents, 2 great friends and a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding) present to celebrate his special day!

My mom sewed Luke's baptismal outfit and he was also given a beautiful baptismal poncho following the ceremony that you see in the picture above.

Here is the Hovel side of the family, including my almost 89 year old Grandmother.

This is the Hinrichs side of our family, my mom's brother and sister.

These are Luke's sponsors, his Aunt Jenny and my best friend, Ashlee who lives in Alabama. She and her wonderful husband Mike traveled all the way to Kansas City to share this special day with us. It was so wonderful to have them here, and they were also VERY helpful with my mom's surprise party the night before. We were so lucky to have Aunt Jenny join us from Vermont for the second weekend this month! Luke is lucky to have such loving people take such a special role in his life.

Two very happy smiles! Luke with his Great Grandma Hovel who turns 89 on April 1st!

Luke and his daddy...Luke loves to be in any position where he can check out the world!

Our happy little guy on his very special day!

Luke enjoying some time with Mimi, who hosted a wonderful brunch for family and friends after Luke's baptism.
Overall, we had a such a special and celebratory weekend! Luke is so blessed to have so many people who love to spoil him!


  1. SO sweet! I love the new header picture!

  2. Sarah, what a great weekend! Luke looks gorgeous in the outfit your mother sewed, which is also beautiful! Congratulations on his baptism!

  3. Sarah, I love this picture of Carol with Luke. He is such a handsome little guy and the baptism photos are wonderful. Glad you had such a special weekend!