Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last weekend Aunt Jenny came to visit! It was so fun to see her, I am sure she was shocked by how much Luke has grown over the last two months since we last saw her! She spoiled us! Luke wakes up pretty early and he definitely doesn't understand the concept of a weekend (like every other child in the world!). Drew and I used to be the couple that slept in until 11am on Saturday mornings...NOT ANYMORE! This weekend when Luke got up at 630, I fed him and then Aunt Jenny played with him until it was time for his nap at 9am so that Drew and I could sleep! It was blissful and much needed!

Luke is getting pretty big time now...playing in his exerscaucer as he gains more head and body control! Everyday he seems a bit stronger!

We are far from starting solid foods...yet Drew thinks it is fun to touch various foods to Luke's lips to see his reaction. Here, Luke is having tummy time on the breakfast table and Drew is letting him try some fresh grape juice...this adventure was received much better than Ranch dressing which is not Luke's favorite!
It is also a very special time...LUKE'S FIRST MARCH MADNESS!!! In honor of the special occasion, we have updated the banner at the top of this blog! Luke is wishing and hoping that his KANSAS JAYHAWKS take the trip to Indianapolis this year!

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