Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This weekend my beautiful mother turned 60 years young! To celebrate the occasion we threw her a surprise party! I wasn't sure if we could pull it off, but as these pictures indicate, it was a success! She had no idea that her brother and sister were coming to town from St. Louis. She thought she was coming over to our house for a birthday dinner Saturday night with a few friends. You can see the surprise and joy on her face when her brother and sister opened the front door! She thought that was her surprise....until....

She turned the corner and saw her close friends and family! It was a wonderful night and we had so much fun showering her with love!

I think these three are related...what do you think? This was the first time that my Uncle Dave and Aunt Lucy and Aunt Nancy had had the opportunity to meet little Luke as well!

Luke, being the social party animal that he is, took in all the excitement!

Thanks Uncle Dave, Aunt Lucy and Aunt Nancy for making the special trip to Kansas City to help make my mom's 60th birthday such a success!

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