Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Tailgate!

This weekend we introduced Luke to our alma mater, The University of Kansas, and to Lawrence! We headed up to tailgate for the Spring Football game! Luke was the life of the party! He was a trooper and loved being outside all day with friends!

This little guy just gets way too much attention and he is definitely a ladies man...such a little flirt!

I have a feeling Luke is going to be spending a lot of time in his Crimson and Blue!

We set up a little play area in the back of our car and Luke entertained himself! As you can see, he has perfected the art of sitting unassisted!

Luke and Drew were keeping a watchful eye on the NFL draft during the tailgate as well!

Luke has become quite the social butterfly and definitely doesn't mind getting passed around the party!

This week was also my first full week back to work and it went great! The time flew by and I loved knowing that Luke was in good hands with my mom! It sounds like they had a great time together! I have never looked forward to the weekend more and to spending time with my little man!
Luke also got his second haircut on Thursday...we took lots off...unfortunately a lot of his curls went with the haircut...but I am pretty sure that in about 2 weeks they will be back! I think I need to learn how to cut his hair myself or he is going to become an even more expensive habit! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Life sure has changed in the last year, definitely for the better, but certainly more complex. I feel like we now wear many hats: career hats, parenting hats, spouse hats, home hats, "me" hats. Finding a balance between all these hats can be challenging, but I am confident that we are up to the challenge. I struggle with trying to be successful at all aspects of life and not feeling guilty that I am shortchanging one area versus another.

This week I went back to work full time. I traveled to New York for some training on Thursday and it was actually really nice to be around so many working mothers. When they discovered that I was just coming back from maternity leave they knew just the right questions to ask and the right things to say. It was really nice to be around other women who understand the conflicting emotions that I feel and it made me feel very confident in my decision to return to work. I can still provide a nurturing, happy, stable, comforting and creative home for Luke while also being able to provide for him financially.

Drew and Luke (now called our Little Meatball-name courtesy of Granddad Chick) did great while I was gone and had lots of good "Guy Time." It was nice to be able to leave town and have no concerns!

This weekend Drew and I had the opportunity (thanks to Nonni and Papa) to wear our "original" hats! We went with four other couples to see Citizen Cope downtown and then spent the evening out! Luke had a sleepover with Nonni and Papa so that Drew and I could enjoy a parenting free night and morning!

It was definitely nice to have some friend time and enjoy some of our preparenting freedoms!

Our little Meatball is doing great and getting bigger by the day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Five Months Old and Full of Attitude!

Today Luke is a whopping FIVE months old! I can't believe we are coming up on a half of a year since he was born! Luke is definitely developing a bit of an attitude about what he likes to do (and doesn't like to do) and he certainly doesn't mind telling us all about it!

He really does like his tummy much in fact that he doesn't roll over much from tummy to back...he can push himself up so far I half expect him to start crawling. He also LOVES his dogs...he watches them intently and giggles at them all the time. Rigley enjoys doing tummy time with the little guy too!

We are also all about standing these days. When Luke gets fussy, all we need to do is stand him up and the smiles reappear! He is pretty tickled with himself these days when he is standing!

He also loves his toes...mostly toes in his mouth...when they aren't competing with his fingers. It is challenging to get a picture of him when he doesn't have one of these two things in his mouth...but since he is the most photographed child in America (according to Drew) I was able to get a few shots without his toes/fingers in the mouth!
Fortunately he also loves his crib and his nap time and night time sleep! He is also getting closer to sitting unsupported!

Last but not least Luke is starting to love his jumper! He spins himself all around to take in all the sights! I am embarrassed to report that he may also already love Dora. I knew basically nothing about Dora until the other day, so I casually turned the show on to see what all the fuss was about...well almost immediately Luke spun himself around in the jumper and zoned into the TV, smiling, giggling and completely unaware of the world around him. I think we are in big trouble!
We love this little guy more each day! Happy five months Luke!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feed Me!

Today, against my initial better judgment, Luke had his first solid food…yummy rice cereal (poor babies that this is what the are expected to start with)!
I believe a breastfed baby does not need anything but breast milk for the first six months and my plan has been to exclusively breastfeed him until that point. I also have been hesitant to start solids because I feel like he will really be growing up at that point!

That being said Luke has been giving me the signs that he is READY for some food! He eyes our meals and watches intently. So, last week I broke down and bought some rice cereal and this morning, he was in such a happy mood that I thought, “why not, let’s just see what happens!” First, I got out a spoon with nothing on it and held it up to his lips and he opened his mouth up wide! So I mixed up some rice cereal and we gave it a whirl! Luke loved it! He opened up wide and took his itty bitty portion down like a champ! Of course he loved playing with the cereal, rubbing his bib all over his face and putting that in his mouth too, and moving the cereal all around in his mouth! His little bib was completely drenched in rice cereal and saliva!
We are new to this whole bib endeavor…does anyone know if they make some that have some sort of weight at the bottom so Luke can’t pick the bib up so easily rub it all over his face and hair and in his mouth??? If they don’t make those, I am designing some! I have a feeling we have entered the messy stage!
Unfortunately, I got a second look at Pukey Lukey’s rice cereal while he was doing tummy time on MY tummy later this morning! I’m not sure that we will do much rice cereal over the next month, it is just so simple to breastfeed and I know the schedule, know how much he needs etc, and it is hard to make the adjustment to solids, but I think we will have fun with it! I’m also looking forward to making his baby food in the next few months!

Little Mr. Magic

On Thursday morning my “Matirement” will officially end (interestingly enough with an overnight trip to New York). It has been six months since I have worked full time. The first month drug on with the anticipation of meeting Mr. Luke…and the last five months have flown by in the blink of an eye. Without a doubt this has been the most amazing five months of my life. Despite my sadness that my intense solo time with Luke is coming to an end, I can’t help but be excited and happy for all the times we have yet to come!

I feel so blessed to work for a company that allows me to take so much time away from work at the birth of our first child. It certainly has increased my loyalty to my job. If I am going to take time away from my baby, I am going to make every moment I am working count. I am proud that I can help provide for Luke, and I am confident that we will relish in the moments we have together even more. I am so grateful that I had the last 8 weeks to “bridge back” it has made the transition so much easier. Eight weeks ago, I feared that I would not have adequate time with Luke in the evenings and weekends. Of course, I would love to spend more time with him and certainly will miss him, but I now know that we are still able to do so much together. I love that during the day I get to look forward to coming home to Luke (and Drew too!).

There are so many things that I have grown to love about Luke these past five months, his smile, his laugh, his disposition, his hair, the way I see Drew in his expressions, the way he has brought our family closer, but I believe what I love most are his little hands. They are so innocent…soft and tender. I love the way they hold on to my hands when I am feeding him. I love that when I look at his hands I picture all his future has in store for him and his hands….tying his shoes for the first time, painting, playing ball with his dad, holding our hands to cross the street, writing his name for the first time, helping others, holding hands with his first little girlfriend….his hands hold his future and I can’t wait to see where they take him!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lovebird Update

Luke and Harper had another date night on Saturday! These two are very happy babies and made for each other!

I'm not sure who is in charge in this relationship, but it looks like Harper is trying to "hook" Luke in this pic!

I promise we did NOT put their hands together...they just grabbed on to each other and wanted to hold hands (probably to Harper's daddy's dismay!)

Big Brother Henry is so sweet and was making the lovebirds giggle!
In all honesty, it is so fun to watch Harper and Luke grow together! It will be a fun few years as we watch them experience the world!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today was Luke's first Easter. Easter is the celebration of new life for all of us. Luke has most certainly brought "life" to our family these past (almost!) five months. Luke brings so much happiness and joy to all of our lives and I cannot imagine a greater blessing. It warms my heart to watch Luke interact with our family. He is so animated that I rarely notice anything but smiles from everyone when I look around the room. It is amazing to me that someone so small can change things in such a remarkable way. Great things most certainly come in small packages!

We had a wonderful Easter. My mom hosted Easter dinner for both our families. As you can see from the pictures, Luke charmed us all! You won't see any frowns from us! I am so incredibly happy and I fall more in love with both Drew and Luke each day. I feel like I have won the lottery!

Luke's Nonni and Mimi spoil him rotten and he had wonderful Easter baskets from them both! No wonder this kiddo can't stop smiling!

Mr. Dapper is getting outfitted for the summer with lots of hats and lake gear!

Papa and Luke finished our afternoon with a laughing session...just giggling at one another!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It is hard to imagine that the pediatrician was once worried that Luke wasn't gaining weight quickly enough! :) Little Luke (or not so little Luke) is quite chubby-licious! He has dimples and rolls on just about every inch of his little body...and we still have several months before he really gets moving!

We finally had some warm temperatures this week and so Luke spent a lot of time chilling in his diaper...which is one of his favorite things...he hates clothes! I love seeing his chubby little body too, and who can deny that super soft baby skin!

Luke is all about his feet...oh the life of a baby...something as mundane as feet can keep him entertained for hours, he finds them intriguing and hilarious all at the same time!

Mr. Thunderthighs is a giggling machine and so ticklish!

This chubby-licious guy keeps us laughing and smiling with each day. I wake up every day excited to see what Luke will do!


After all the excitement of the last few weeks, we have been very sleepy in the Keller house lately! Luke passed out on the couch between his two best buds, Rigley and Bentley, while I was cleaning. I couldn't help but capture the moment! Rigley is still leaving Luke alone for the most part, but Bentley follows him wherever he will be fun to watch Luke grow up with these two!

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! If only I could fall asleep with the sound of a vacuum in the background!


This week my dad, Papa, dropped in for a little visit with Luke! Lots of people think these two look alike, and it turns out they were wearing coordinating outfits!