Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feed Me!

Today, against my initial better judgment, Luke had his first solid food…yummy rice cereal (poor babies that this is what the are expected to start with)!
I believe a breastfed baby does not need anything but breast milk for the first six months and my plan has been to exclusively breastfeed him until that point. I also have been hesitant to start solids because I feel like he will really be growing up at that point!

That being said Luke has been giving me the signs that he is READY for some food! He eyes our meals and watches intently. So, last week I broke down and bought some rice cereal and this morning, he was in such a happy mood that I thought, “why not, let’s just see what happens!” First, I got out a spoon with nothing on it and held it up to his lips and he opened his mouth up wide! So I mixed up some rice cereal and we gave it a whirl! Luke loved it! He opened up wide and took his itty bitty portion down like a champ! Of course he loved playing with the cereal, rubbing his bib all over his face and putting that in his mouth too, and moving the cereal all around in his mouth! His little bib was completely drenched in rice cereal and saliva!
We are new to this whole bib endeavor…does anyone know if they make some that have some sort of weight at the bottom so Luke can’t pick the bib up so easily rub it all over his face and hair and in his mouth??? If they don’t make those, I am designing some! I have a feeling we have entered the messy stage!
Unfortunately, I got a second look at Pukey Lukey’s rice cereal while he was doing tummy time on MY tummy later this morning! I’m not sure that we will do much rice cereal over the next month, it is just so simple to breastfeed and I know the schedule, know how much he needs etc, and it is hard to make the adjustment to solids, but I think we will have fun with it! I’m also looking forward to making his baby food in the next few months!

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