Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Tailgate!

This weekend we introduced Luke to our alma mater, The University of Kansas, and to Lawrence! We headed up to tailgate for the Spring Football game! Luke was the life of the party! He was a trooper and loved being outside all day with friends!

This little guy just gets way too much attention and he is definitely a ladies man...such a little flirt!

I have a feeling Luke is going to be spending a lot of time in his Crimson and Blue!

We set up a little play area in the back of our car and Luke entertained himself! As you can see, he has perfected the art of sitting unassisted!

Luke and Drew were keeping a watchful eye on the NFL draft during the tailgate as well!

Luke has become quite the social butterfly and definitely doesn't mind getting passed around the party!

This week was also my first full week back to work and it went great! The time flew by and I loved knowing that Luke was in good hands with my mom! It sounds like they had a great time together! I have never looked forward to the weekend more and to spending time with my little man!
Luke also got his second haircut on Thursday...we took lots off...unfortunately a lot of his curls went with the haircut...but I am pretty sure that in about 2 weeks they will be back! I think I need to learn how to cut his hair myself or he is going to become an even more expensive habit! :)

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  1. So happy I got to see his cute little face yesterday!! He is such a sweet heart! And we will most definitely be copying the back of the car play area at tailgates this fall...Luke & Campbell can just keep each other entertained=)