Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Five Months Old and Full of Attitude!

Today Luke is a whopping FIVE months old! I can't believe we are coming up on a half of a year since he was born! Luke is definitely developing a bit of an attitude about what he likes to do (and doesn't like to do) and he certainly doesn't mind telling us all about it!

He really does like his tummy time...so much in fact that he doesn't roll over much from tummy to back...he can push himself up so far I half expect him to start crawling. He also LOVES his dogs...he watches them intently and giggles at them all the time. Rigley enjoys doing tummy time with the little guy too!

We are also all about standing these days. When Luke gets fussy, all we need to do is stand him up and the smiles reappear! He is pretty tickled with himself these days when he is standing!

He also loves his toes...mostly toes in his mouth...when they aren't competing with his fingers. It is challenging to get a picture of him when he doesn't have one of these two things in his mouth...but since he is the most photographed child in America (according to Drew) I was able to get a few shots without his toes/fingers in the mouth!
Fortunately he also loves his crib and his nap time and night time sleep! He is also getting closer to sitting unsupported!

Last but not least Luke is starting to love his jumper! He spins himself all around to take in all the sights! I am embarrassed to report that he may also already love Dora. I knew basically nothing about Dora until the other day, so I casually turned the show on to see what all the fuss was about...well almost immediately Luke spun himself around in the jumper and zoned into the TV, smiling, giggling and completely unaware of the world around him. I think we are in big trouble!
We love this little guy more each day! Happy five months Luke!


  1. He is getting so big!! AND he has a Mexican girlfriend now?! Geez I am way behind!!! Sounds like Campbell is going to have plenty of competition!

  2. Oh man...I am laughing that Luke loves Dora...Carson has been obsessed with her for about a year now and there's been no turning back. His birthday party in Iowa is going to be Dora. I wouldn't be surprised if his wife someday looks just a bit like Dora! Luke looks awesome - getting so big and SO handsome...What a looker!