Sunday, April 18, 2010


Life sure has changed in the last year, definitely for the better, but certainly more complex. I feel like we now wear many hats: career hats, parenting hats, spouse hats, home hats, "me" hats. Finding a balance between all these hats can be challenging, but I am confident that we are up to the challenge. I struggle with trying to be successful at all aspects of life and not feeling guilty that I am shortchanging one area versus another.

This week I went back to work full time. I traveled to New York for some training on Thursday and it was actually really nice to be around so many working mothers. When they discovered that I was just coming back from maternity leave they knew just the right questions to ask and the right things to say. It was really nice to be around other women who understand the conflicting emotions that I feel and it made me feel very confident in my decision to return to work. I can still provide a nurturing, happy, stable, comforting and creative home for Luke while also being able to provide for him financially.

Drew and Luke (now called our Little Meatball-name courtesy of Granddad Chick) did great while I was gone and had lots of good "Guy Time." It was nice to be able to leave town and have no concerns!

This weekend Drew and I had the opportunity (thanks to Nonni and Papa) to wear our "original" hats! We went with four other couples to see Citizen Cope downtown and then spent the evening out! Luke had a sleepover with Nonni and Papa so that Drew and I could enjoy a parenting free night and morning!

It was definitely nice to have some friend time and enjoy some of our preparenting freedoms!

Our little Meatball is doing great and getting bigger by the day!

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