Monday, May 31, 2010

Meatball Goes Swimming!

This weekend was full of many new adventures for our little Meatball! We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend filled with family, wonderful friends, AMAZING weather (it seemed like the 4th of July instead of the typical chilly, rainy Memorial Day), yummy BBQ (Drew smoked 4 slabs of ribs, 2 chickens and a brisket), and of course our smiley, go with the flow Meatball who makes everything so simple! Luke even got to join mommy and daddy for dinner and cocktails on the deck at the Marine Grog and Galley!

It was pretty warm, so Luke got to enjoy his first "fruit pop"...I wasn't so sure he would like the strawberry lemonade flavor...but man he sucked it down! I am sure it felt good on his little gums!

Luke enjoyed his first swim in his baby pool as well! He just giggled away when we would splash the water around him! He was pretty cool in his sunglasses!

The baby pool was fun...but Luke was ready for the big adventure of swimming in the lake! I can't remember the last time the water was warm enough to swim on Memorial Day...much less for a baby to get in! Luke loved kicking and motoring around with Drew! He should be ready for tubing and water skiing in no time!

This week also marks another new adventure...Luke is beginning daycare tomorrow. He will spend 3 days per week at an in home day care with a friend of mine and then spend 1 day with Nonni and Papa and 1 day with Mimi and Granddad.
For the last 6 weeks my mom has watched Luke 4 days per week. It has been such a blessing and I am so grateful that she was willing and able to help us. I can see how much she and Luke have bonded over their special time together and it made my transition back to full time so much easier to know that Luke was in such good hands. I know he will miss his extra time with Nonni!
I am grateful that I have a friend who will be watching Luke instead of a stranger at a daycare facility. That makes this next transition easier. I am sure Luke will do great and I am anxious for him to be around other kiddos and to socialize with children instead of just adults!

Hopefully this week we can find some extra time (that is pretty hard to come by these days!) for Luke to get another haircut...this kiddo's hair is just out of control! I can't keep up with it! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lake Rat!

FINALLY, after the longest winter in the history of mankind...SUMMER IS HERE! We have waited so long for both warm AND dry temperatures this year and this weekend we finally got both! This weekend was Luke's inaugural trip to Lake Lotawana, the first of countless future trips! I am pretty sure he was sold and is ready to head back next weekend for the first official weekend of summer. I love this pic of my boys and their brilliant blue eyes!

Luke definitely enjoyed looking all around his new environment and seeing all the sights and sounds that the lake brings! He did great on the boat and was happy as a clam....this little guy is so easy going, he has definitely spoiled us!

I got to play dress up with Luke all weekend, but we still only made it through a couple of his swimsuit combos! He's a pretty adorable beach bum if you ask me (and I am SO objective!)

Luke is slowly becoming a ham (when he wants to)...he is showing a little attitude in this shot...I think he is catching on that he has us wrapped around his little finger when he gives cute poses like this!

Luke's girlfriend Harper came to the Lake for a date this weekend too! I think Luke was looking for a bit of privacy...but the mommyrazzi did not oblige!

Luke is clearly enamored with Harper and took the opportunity to show her a little love!

Big brother, Henry, chaperoned the entire date...keeping Luke in line!

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer at the Lake with our little Meatball!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Today Luke is 6 months old! It is unreal really, a half a year already? Time has flown by! Just when I think he can't get any sweeter or any cuter, Luke does something new to win us over even more!

This week he is suddenly more vocal than ever before. He lets us know with squeals (that are unlike any sound I have ever heard before) and giggles when he is happy and excited and he definitely lets us know when he is annoyed! Most of the time though, he is pretty easy going! He can go 15 minute stretches without being quiet...babble, babble, babble...while it is cute, he is definitely LOUD!

He loves to snuggle with his daddy on the couch.

Last night he got into pushing trucks across the floor...what a boy! He seems like he is so close to crawling...and it seems to frustrate him that he can't just move instead he basically spins himself around on his belly nearly 360 degrees to grab various toys!

These monthly card shots are becoming pretty challenging...Luke basically destroyed the card by gumming it to pieces!

Yesterday at his 6 month appointment Luke had done a lot of growing! He weighed in at 16lbs 14oz (50 percentile) and 27inches (75 percentile). I think all the length must have come in the last week or so because all of his pants are suddenly too short!

I am pretty sure I say it every month...but yet again, these have been the greatest 6 months of our lives! We love our little Meatball more each day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

One year ago on Mother's Day I started this blog by announcing that Drew and I were expecting! Like many expectant mothers I was over the moon with joy about our growing family but also terrified. Maybe not everyone is willing to admit that, but I am. See, I have never really been in to other people's children. I have never been "in" to holding other babies and while I always believed that I wanted to be a mother some day, I certainly had my anxieties about my lack of knowledge and whether motherhood would really be a "fit" for me. I didn't feel that I was put on this earth to be a mother. I was happy with Drew and my life, more than happy, but deep down I did feel that something was missing.

I hoped that during my pregnancy my excitement would override my anxiety. For the most part it did, but I also talked to friends that I respect and admire very much who have had children over the last few years. Several women were willing to admit that motherhood didn't come very naturally to them, that they had to work at it day in and day out. They loved their children, and loved being a mother, but it was not instinctual. I appreciated them sharing this, too often, I feel women are afraid to admit their insecurities with other women. It made me feel better that maybe I wasn't the only one who didn't feel it was my design to be a mother simply because I am female!

When Luke was born, despite the exhaustion and daily concerns if we were doing things "right," I can honestly say that the deep seated feeling that something had been missing before completely evaporated. Luke was that something missing! I have never loved anything more than I love being Luke's mom and a family with Drew. It is the greatest honor.

Drew and I have elected to not exchange gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day. The greatest gift is our time spent together, honoring and appreciating each other day in and day out and watching Luke grow. No gift could compare to having Luke fall asleep in my arms tonight.

We had a wonderful day as a small family and with our extended family. We started off the morning with a walk (with the dogs of course) to a local coffee shop for breakfast on their patio. This afternoon we had both of our families to our house for a late lunch. We are blessed that we have such wonderful mothers and grandmothers as role models. I am very proud to call my mom, mine, she is a wonderful grandmother to Luke and has been so incredibly helpful and supportive to us over the last 6 months. I am so blessed with an amazing mother in law that shows love in all her actions.

Luke had FIVE moms to celebrate with today-Me, Nonni, Mimi, Great Grandma Hovel and Great Nana Iddings! What a lucky guy!

Luke has grown so much in the last week! He is stronger than ever, eating more than ever, reaching for more objects, in to every part of his world and just so fun! We also weened him from swaddling this weekend. Friday night was miserable, and he screamed for almost 4 hours (I cried too), but since (knock on wood) he has slept great without being swaddled!

Finally, we can't forget the wonderful men in our lives! Here Luke hangs out with Granddad my Grandpa Hinrichs used to say "If it wasn't for your father, your mother wouldn't be a mother on Mother's Day!" (or something similar to that). So THANK YOU, Drew, Dad and Chick!
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there! Being a mom is one of the hardest and most joyous jobs out there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Food...

Just kidding! Luke's new food is not Fat Tire...though we think he wants it to be! The other night while Drew was enjoying a beer, Luke kept reaching out and grabbing the bottle and trying to drink (reminds him a bit TOO much of his actual bottle!)! When we moved the bottle away from him he started to was pretty funny, so of course, I had to take a picture! This picture may make a comeback for his 21st birthday!

There is a new food of the week though. We have tried both rice cereal and oat/barley cereal, Luke is not much of a fan, and I hardly blame him. So we had our first go around with Sweet Potatoes tonight! My goal is to use all fresh produce from the local farmers' markets for Luke's food. We have several great farmers' markets nearby that will be fun to BOB around on Saturday mornings. This weekend my mom picked up some fresh sweet potatoes so I started there!

After cooking the potatoes I smoothed them out with the food processor.

Stored them in portion sized containers for freezing!

And ta-da! It looks like somebody might be a fan of sweet potatoes! It was pretty funny to watch Luke explore the different texture and taste. It was slow going to say the least, I need to work on my patience with feeding solid foods for sure! Next up, either carrots or avocado!

BOBing Around Town

So, today, we finally broke down and bought a BOB! We have been resisting the urge for months because it is definitely an investment, but today we just decided we couldn't wait another day! I had researched every jogging stroller out there, and all but the BOB seemed to fall short in some way or another. We gave it a test run tonight and we are thrilled with our purchase!
As I see it, it is investment in Luke's future! In all seriousness though, instilling fitness habits in children is so important, especially given the increasing prevalence of obesity in our country. Since Luke was just a few weeks old he has watched Drew and I work out. Luke goes downstairs with Drew while he lifts and he often does his tummy time right next to me while I am working out. Now, he can join us for even more time working out and staying healthy. I hope that as he grows he continues to witness healthy behaviors from Drew and me and that he stays active and fit!
In the mean time you can find us BOBing around town!

Just Because

No real reason for this post, just love to capture our little man hanging out and being cute!

Luke reminds me of Drew SO much in this last picture!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Does It Get Any Sweeter?

Another great week with our little Meatball! Luke is doing great...growing more inquisitive with each passing day. If something is in his reach, he is determined to grab ahold...magazines, books, toys, dogs, mom's hair (and necklaces and earrings), our get the point!

He is getting stronger by the day and if it were even possible, establishing more of a personality! He has a great sense of humor (I think) because he gets a kick out of everything these days! Who would have thought peek a boo could be so entertaining! He is just a smiley little guy!

We are getting really anxious to start the lake season! Luke is all set with swimsuits, sunglasses, sunshirts and sun hats! This week we are on the hunt for a good life vest!