Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BOBing Around Town

So, today, we finally broke down and bought a BOB! We have been resisting the urge for months because it is definitely an investment, but today we just decided we couldn't wait another day! I had researched every jogging stroller out there, and all but the BOB seemed to fall short in some way or another. We gave it a test run tonight and we are thrilled with our purchase!
As I see it, it is investment in Luke's future! In all seriousness though, instilling fitness habits in children is so important, especially given the increasing prevalence of obesity in our country. Since Luke was just a few weeks old he has watched Drew and I work out. Luke goes downstairs with Drew while he lifts and he often does his tummy time right next to me while I am working out. Now, he can join us for even more time working out and staying healthy. I hope that as he grows he continues to witness healthy behaviors from Drew and me and that he stays active and fit!
In the mean time you can find us BOBing around town!

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