Sunday, May 2, 2010

Does It Get Any Sweeter?

Another great week with our little Meatball! Luke is doing great...growing more inquisitive with each passing day. If something is in his reach, he is determined to grab ahold...magazines, books, toys, dogs, mom's hair (and necklaces and earrings), our get the point!

He is getting stronger by the day and if it were even possible, establishing more of a personality! He has a great sense of humor (I think) because he gets a kick out of everything these days! Who would have thought peek a boo could be so entertaining! He is just a smiley little guy!

We are getting really anxious to start the lake season! Luke is all set with swimsuits, sunglasses, sunshirts and sun hats! This week we are on the hunt for a good life vest!

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