Monday, May 31, 2010

Meatball Goes Swimming!

This weekend was full of many new adventures for our little Meatball! We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend filled with family, wonderful friends, AMAZING weather (it seemed like the 4th of July instead of the typical chilly, rainy Memorial Day), yummy BBQ (Drew smoked 4 slabs of ribs, 2 chickens and a brisket), and of course our smiley, go with the flow Meatball who makes everything so simple! Luke even got to join mommy and daddy for dinner and cocktails on the deck at the Marine Grog and Galley!

It was pretty warm, so Luke got to enjoy his first "fruit pop"...I wasn't so sure he would like the strawberry lemonade flavor...but man he sucked it down! I am sure it felt good on his little gums!

Luke enjoyed his first swim in his baby pool as well! He just giggled away when we would splash the water around him! He was pretty cool in his sunglasses!

The baby pool was fun...but Luke was ready for the big adventure of swimming in the lake! I can't remember the last time the water was warm enough to swim on Memorial Day...much less for a baby to get in! Luke loved kicking and motoring around with Drew! He should be ready for tubing and water skiing in no time!

This week also marks another new adventure...Luke is beginning daycare tomorrow. He will spend 3 days per week at an in home day care with a friend of mine and then spend 1 day with Nonni and Papa and 1 day with Mimi and Granddad.
For the last 6 weeks my mom has watched Luke 4 days per week. It has been such a blessing and I am so grateful that she was willing and able to help us. I can see how much she and Luke have bonded over their special time together and it made my transition back to full time so much easier to know that Luke was in such good hands. I know he will miss his extra time with Nonni!
I am grateful that I have a friend who will be watching Luke instead of a stranger at a daycare facility. That makes this next transition easier. I am sure Luke will do great and I am anxious for him to be around other kiddos and to socialize with children instead of just adults!

Hopefully this week we can find some extra time (that is pretty hard to come by these days!) for Luke to get another haircut...this kiddo's hair is just out of control! I can't keep up with it! :)

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