Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Food...

Just kidding! Luke's new food is not Fat Tire...though we think he wants it to be! The other night while Drew was enjoying a beer, Luke kept reaching out and grabbing the bottle and trying to drink (reminds him a bit TOO much of his actual bottle!)! When we moved the bottle away from him he started to cry...it was pretty funny, so of course, I had to take a picture! This picture may make a comeback for his 21st birthday!

There is a new food of the week though. We have tried both rice cereal and oat/barley cereal, Luke is not much of a fan, and I hardly blame him. So we had our first go around with Sweet Potatoes tonight! My goal is to use all fresh produce from the local farmers' markets for Luke's food. We have several great farmers' markets nearby that will be fun to BOB around on Saturday mornings. This weekend my mom picked up some fresh sweet potatoes so I started there!

After cooking the potatoes I smoothed them out with the food processor.

Stored them in portion sized containers for freezing!

And ta-da! It looks like somebody might be a fan of sweet potatoes! It was pretty funny to watch Luke explore the different texture and taste. It was slow going to say the least, I need to work on my patience with feeding solid foods for sure! Next up, either carrots or avocado!

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  1. YAY! I love all the posts! Congrats on the BOB! I'm excited to give ours a test run=)