Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr. Flirty

I got the pictures from Thursday night and they are hilarious! I love the progression of these shots...starting with little Wyatt pulling Kate's hair...I think Luke just got lucky that he was on the end any one of these three could have started the hair pulling...

Kate got pretty upset that she got her hair pulled...(rightfully so, though I think Wyatt felt badly!) and turned to Luke for reassurance...

But he was too busy trying to smile pretty for the camera...

She reached over to Liddy, but she was busy reading her book while Luke was still hamming it up!

I think Wyatt was starting to get a little worried that Kate might get her revenge...

And finally, Luke went in for the kill and got his first kiss! He may have won Kate's heart over for years so come...only time will tell! These pictures sure will be fun someday when these kiddos are in high school together!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Super Trooper

One of our goals for Luke is that he is flexible and easy going and this weekend we put him to the test! We had a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and fun and Luke braved it all with a smile!

Thursday evening we had dinner with 4 other couples who all had infants right around Luke's age! It was so fun to watch the babies interact with one another! I wish I had remembered my camera, hopefully I can get some pictures from another mom that was there because the pictures she took were hilarious. Three of the babies (all between 6.5-7 months) have full heads of hair like Luke and the pictures included smiles, hair pulling, tears and Luke even leaning in to kiss one of the girls! We had so much fun that Luke went to bed several hours beyond his normal bedtime.

Friday night we headed out again because our social butterfly needed to catch up with one of his other girlfriends! We had a great evening with friends that ended with little Luke passing out in his car seat on their screened in porch!

Saturday we spent a great day at the lake, but it was HOT! Luke is getting so mobile these days that he has learned to climb out of his baby pool. He is all about climbing all over us and anything else that gets in his way...he is our little monkey!

Finally today we took Luke to his first Royals Game and what an introduction...we stomped the St. Louis Cardinals, it doesn't get much better (sorry STL family!)! We weren't too sure how the day would go, it was very warm and the game started at the same time that Luke typically takes his long afternoon nap. We wanted to spend the day together as a family though so we figured we would give it a shot! Our little monkey managed to sit fairly still and was a trooper through all the heat...he flirted with everyone in the stands and just did fabulously!

We continue to have more and more fun with our little Meatball Monkey! This coming weekend we are off to the Ozarks for the 4th...this will be our seventh 4th of July with the same crew and this year 3 of the couples had babies, so it should make for a fun weekend with all the bambinos...our lives certainly have changed over these 7 years!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Montage!

Today we celebrated Drew's first Father's Day! Anyone can become a Father, but it takes a special man to truly become a Daddy, and Drew has embraced becoming a Daddy in every way!
Luke and I are so blessed to have Drew in our lives. Not only do I get to spend my life with an amazing man, but I get to watch that man help shape and mold our son in to an amazing little person!

I have loved seeing a new side to Drew these last 7 months! He makes Luke giggle like no one else with his little songs, his faces, and the way he lets Luke ride on his shoulders.

I am so proud of Drew, he is strong, sensitive, loyal, passionate, tender hearted, determined and intelligent. I can't wait to watch Luke follow in his footsteps!

Luke got to spend the day with the Keller Family and the Hovel Family. Luke and Great Granddad had a good time checking each other out and we had the opportunity to update the 4 Generations photo!

My dad and Luke had a great time playing on the floor and practicing "crawling" together!

I was blessed to spend today with my Dad today too! I truly enjoy watching Luke and him interact with one another! He is a great Papa!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

It doesn't take much for the world to change at the Keller house! Tonight Luke has suddenly become quite adventurous! He is all about standing, BY HIMSELF (I say that in caps because he very clear that he wants to do it on his OWN, he does not need help!...this did end with a bit of a fall earlier, but he has to learn somehow!) He isn't just standing OUTSIDE of the exerscaucer instead of INSIDE, but he also cruises around the exerscaucer so he can play with all of toys...just like he used to when he played INSIDE the exerscaucer! In the picture below it is clear that he is on the move! Last night he also moved from holding on to the couch to turning and holding on to the coffee table. He is quite tickled with his new moves!

It isn't just cruising that has begun...we pretty much officially have a crawler on our hands! Luke is very motivated by mom's cell phone and by our remote controls...he will move all over the floor to get his little hands on those! SO, I am using the phone as is clear from all the pictures!

Luke is concentrating pretty hard here, thinking about how he is going to get that phone!

We're still working on all the coordination with our knees up...but at least now we are moving forward instead of backward!

Look who got my phone, and is taking a quick break!

And...he's off again pursuing some very interesting piece of lint or something on the way to kitchen! After this photo he chased that lint clear to the middle of the kitchen!

Our little man is on the move...and we are in BIG trouble! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

7 Joy Filled Months!

Today, our Meatball is 7 months old! What a big boy! He is full of smiles and giggles! If you need a boost of confidence this kiddo is more than willing to oblige!

Luke continues to be happy as can be and very mellow! At 7 months he still has no teeth as his gummy smiles portray! We are working on solid foods, but Luke is still pretty content with milk ....we have lots of pursed lips and head turning these days when is comes to solid foods! He is a fan of puffs is hilarious to watch him try to eat finger foods...he misses his mouth...drops a lot in his lap and often "loses" the food in his palms!

Luke is working diligently to crawl. He scoots, spins and rolls his way across the room and is very frustrated that his legs and arms don't want to work together just quite yet. The little girl at day care that is just one day older than Luke is crawling and so Luke is memorizing her moves and I think in the next few weeks this little guy is going to rock our world when he becomes truly mobile!

We couldn't be happier with our little guy's blossoming personality. His giggles (as seen in this last picture) keep us laughing by the minute!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Time!

We had a great weekend! Friday evening Mimi picked Luke up from daycare and took him to the lake. He enjoyed dinner and drinks at a restaurant on the Lake with Mimi and Granddad's friends. From what we hear, he was the star of the party! While Luke was partying with Mimi and Granddad, Drew and I enjoyed a nice date night in town!

Saturday we enjoyed another fun day at the lake and had dinner with friends in Lee's Summit who have a 5 1/2 month old son! It was fun to watch Luke and Sam interact!

Luke had a good first week at daycare. One thing that is for sure-Luke will never have a difficult time sleeping in new/different environments. Each week he spends the night at home and the lake and naps at home, the lake, The Hovel's, The Keller's and daycare. He seems to adjust so well to each new situation and is very laid back.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Most likely you think I am going to blog today about how much Luke is changing and growing by the minute....and while that is true, this post is dedicated to how having Luke has led US to change and grow.

The obvious growth and changes we anticipated: earlier evenings, earlier mornings, more family time, less "couple/date" time....the typical changes when you have children. While there is always room for growth and maturation, I felt like Drew and I were doing pretty well in that department prior to Luke. I did, however, have some pretty strong opinions about a few things and having a baby has changed my perspective. For those of you that I offended in the past, I apologize! I finally "get" it!

As a mother, there are a million things that we could choose to worry about. If I worried about them all I would drive myself to the point of insanity. I believe as a mom, one must choose a set of things to focus on (those things will be different for every mom). These are a few things I have chosen.

To begin: I have always enjoyed walking in to Whole Foods. The layout of the store is appealing, the atmosphere inspires one to purchase (typically items one never knew they were in need of-their marketing folks are incredible), the staff is courteous and informative. That being said, I have not been an advocate of organic food. That's right I said it, feel free to hit me over the head now. The cost is obscene, and I believed that it might just be a scam to get us to spend more money on something that we didn't technically have long term proof could be beneficial. Fast forward to Luke...CHANGE OF HEART. Now I have the inspiration to actually research what we put in our bodies...and let me tell you, I will do anything to ensure that Luke is getting pesticide free food and that the healthiest foods go in that little precious body of his. I am all about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen. Even if we aren't CERTAIN that pesticides could lead to ADD, Autism, Obesity...the list goes on and on, I am personally am not willing to take that risk with my little man. A friend this week actually passed on a great site that I have enjoyed pouring through: Whole Foods still may be a little overpriced and I really like to support our local businesses, so I still prefer to shop at local organic Farmer's Markets...but sometimes the schedule doesn't work for us, so I am grateful for Whole Foods.

Secondly: I never gave much thought to skin care products. I bought what worked, what was reasonably affordable, what was easy to get. Again, I thought a lot of the talk about skin care products was much ado about nothing. Yet again, fast forward to Luke. Darn, WRONG again! We are slowly making the transition to safer options for our little man and for us as well. The skin absorbs so much, and I don't feel like I can just slather Luke up with anything and everything. This time of year sunscreen is so important. We have made some big changes in that department. Another friend sent me a great site for sunscreen for the summer:

I am so grateful for a good network of moms that share information that they find on various topics and are committed to providing the healthiest options for their babies!

Thirdly: This one is embarrassing and very different from the first two, but I will admit it.
We have been terrible about recycling. There is no excuse, we were lazy and selfish. We have the city of Prairie Village to thank for changing our ways. Our amount of trash this Spring was limited by the city forcing us (thankfully) to recycle. We have very little trash these days since almost EVERYTHING can be recycled! Why on earth we didn't regularly recycle before is beyond me...but I am glad we finally changed. I am sure Luke will be thankful someday as well!

Lastly (for now....there are many more but this post is far too long already): Our Health. We (meaning Drew and me) are more committed than ever before to eat well and to work out. We want to be in the best possible shape and health. After all, we have a little man that is depending on us and we want to be here for all the great moments of his life. He is a wonderful inspiration.

There are so many things that I am thankful to Luke for, but I am especially thankful that having him has forced me to evaluate some of our habits and preferences.