Sunday, June 13, 2010

7 Joy Filled Months!

Today, our Meatball is 7 months old! What a big boy! He is full of smiles and giggles! If you need a boost of confidence this kiddo is more than willing to oblige!

Luke continues to be happy as can be and very mellow! At 7 months he still has no teeth as his gummy smiles portray! We are working on solid foods, but Luke is still pretty content with milk ....we have lots of pursed lips and head turning these days when is comes to solid foods! He is a fan of puffs is hilarious to watch him try to eat finger foods...he misses his mouth...drops a lot in his lap and often "loses" the food in his palms!

Luke is working diligently to crawl. He scoots, spins and rolls his way across the room and is very frustrated that his legs and arms don't want to work together just quite yet. The little girl at day care that is just one day older than Luke is crawling and so Luke is memorizing her moves and I think in the next few weeks this little guy is going to rock our world when he becomes truly mobile!

We couldn't be happier with our little guy's blossoming personality. His giggles (as seen in this last picture) keep us laughing by the minute!

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  1. Sarah, he is the cutest little chunk I've ever seen. That smile and those cheeks are to die for!