Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Montage!

Today we celebrated Drew's first Father's Day! Anyone can become a Father, but it takes a special man to truly become a Daddy, and Drew has embraced becoming a Daddy in every way!
Luke and I are so blessed to have Drew in our lives. Not only do I get to spend my life with an amazing man, but I get to watch that man help shape and mold our son in to an amazing little person!

I have loved seeing a new side to Drew these last 7 months! He makes Luke giggle like no one else with his little songs, his faces, and the way he lets Luke ride on his shoulders.

I am so proud of Drew, he is strong, sensitive, loyal, passionate, tender hearted, determined and intelligent. I can't wait to watch Luke follow in his footsteps!

Luke got to spend the day with the Keller Family and the Hovel Family. Luke and Great Granddad had a good time checking each other out and we had the opportunity to update the 4 Generations photo!

My dad and Luke had a great time playing on the floor and practicing "crawling" together!

I was blessed to spend today with my Dad today too! I truly enjoy watching Luke and him interact with one another! He is a great Papa!

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  1. What great pics and what great memories! I want to know...does Luke look more like Drew as a baby or you as a baby?