Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

It doesn't take much for the world to change at the Keller house! Tonight Luke has suddenly become quite adventurous! He is all about standing, BY HIMSELF (I say that in caps because he very clear that he wants to do it on his OWN, he does not need help!...this did end with a bit of a fall earlier, but he has to learn somehow!) He isn't just standing OUTSIDE of the exerscaucer instead of INSIDE, but he also cruises around the exerscaucer so he can play with all of toys...just like he used to when he played INSIDE the exerscaucer! In the picture below it is clear that he is on the move! Last night he also moved from holding on to the couch to turning and holding on to the coffee table. He is quite tickled with his new moves!

It isn't just cruising that has begun...we pretty much officially have a crawler on our hands! Luke is very motivated by mom's cell phone and by our remote controls...he will move all over the floor to get his little hands on those! SO, I am using the phone as is clear from all the pictures!

Luke is concentrating pretty hard here, thinking about how he is going to get that phone!

We're still working on all the coordination with our knees up...but at least now we are moving forward instead of backward!

Look who got my phone, and is taking a quick break!

And...he's off again pursuing some very interesting piece of lint or something on the way to kitchen! After this photo he chased that lint clear to the middle of the kitchen!

Our little man is on the move...and we are in BIG trouble! :)


  1. And it's no wonder I lost him under my couch on Monday! Batten down the hatches here he comes world!

  2. I think it is very funny that he likes the phone and the remote control. love, Graham