Sunday, June 27, 2010

Super Trooper

One of our goals for Luke is that he is flexible and easy going and this weekend we put him to the test! We had a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and fun and Luke braved it all with a smile!

Thursday evening we had dinner with 4 other couples who all had infants right around Luke's age! It was so fun to watch the babies interact with one another! I wish I had remembered my camera, hopefully I can get some pictures from another mom that was there because the pictures she took were hilarious. Three of the babies (all between 6.5-7 months) have full heads of hair like Luke and the pictures included smiles, hair pulling, tears and Luke even leaning in to kiss one of the girls! We had so much fun that Luke went to bed several hours beyond his normal bedtime.

Friday night we headed out again because our social butterfly needed to catch up with one of his other girlfriends! We had a great evening with friends that ended with little Luke passing out in his car seat on their screened in porch!

Saturday we spent a great day at the lake, but it was HOT! Luke is getting so mobile these days that he has learned to climb out of his baby pool. He is all about climbing all over us and anything else that gets in his way...he is our little monkey!

Finally today we took Luke to his first Royals Game and what an introduction...we stomped the St. Louis Cardinals, it doesn't get much better (sorry STL family!)! We weren't too sure how the day would go, it was very warm and the game started at the same time that Luke typically takes his long afternoon nap. We wanted to spend the day together as a family though so we figured we would give it a shot! Our little monkey managed to sit fairly still and was a trooper through all the heat...he flirted with everyone in the stands and just did fabulously!

We continue to have more and more fun with our little Meatball Monkey! This coming weekend we are off to the Ozarks for the 4th...this will be our seventh 4th of July with the same crew and this year 3 of the couples had babies, so it should make for a fun weekend with all the bambinos...our lives certainly have changed over these 7 years!

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