Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lucky Lady

I like to think that I can do it all. I have to admit that lately I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed and exhausted. Whether one chooses to work or stay at home (each of these carries its own joys and burdens) the tasks of motherhood and life can catch up with you at times. I think about how crazy my days feel, how I feel that I have no time for myself, friends or my marriage at times, that I feel “mommy guilt” if I don’t spend all my available time with Luke, and then I realize I only have ONE child…and that child is involved in no activities, sports, does not have homework etc. So basically, this is as easy as its ever going to be! Wow…those thoughts have made me feel a little heavy lately…this weekend was a great wake up call for me that I am a very lucky lady! Drew is incredibly helpful, more so than the average husband. He is committed to helping me find time for “me”….I just need to be willing to take him up on the offer occasionally! He is an amazing daddy. Then there is Luke, the most special little person I have ever laid eyes on! He makes everything worthwhile! It isn’t that I didn’t realize these things before, just that I allowed the stresses of life to occupy my mind versus the joys of life.

Friday was my birthday and I was very spoiled by my boys. Drew surprised me by having this blog put in to book form! Talk about the ultimate baby book! It is such a treasure and it will be so fun to look back on this first year, our experiences and all the pictures as the years go by. He also got me a flip video camera which I am pumped about; get ready to see some video clips of our little man in action and by action I definitely mean in action, he is on the go!

We had friends and family over on Friday night and it was good to get some kid and friend time with a few of my favorite people.

We spent an awesome day on Saturday at the lake for Lake Lotawana Day. The day is filled with tons of fun activities like a run, kayak races, swim races, a boat parade, sailing races, a water ski show, etc. It is such a great little community and I enjoyed getting to share it all with Luke this year! Its hard to believe that last year at this time he was in my belly and we didn’t know him….and now this year he is so active and has such a personality!

Luke had one of his best days ever on Saturday! He played in bed with us in the morning and just couldn’t stop giggling! He showed us lots of new moves on Saturday and he was very tickled with himself. He was pulling up, consistently crawling (not combat crawling finally) and climbing up and down the little stairs at the lake. We enjoyed a nice dinner out and then relaxed to one of the best storms in a long time topped off with an amazing double rainbow!

Sunday Luke’s friend Sam came to the lake to play in Luke’s new pool and then we came back to town so I could enjoy a pedicure with a great friend.

This week has kicked off with its own new set of stresses, but Luke’s little smiles are great to come home to! We are looking forward to 10 days of uninterrupted family time beginning the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed that Luke’s first little tooth doesn’t decided to pop through just in time for his first flight!

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