Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What a crazy busy week it has been! The big news of the day is that Luke is no longer a herbivore, but an official omnivore, he had his first taste of meat today...chicken with sweet potatoes! He is definitely his daddy's boy because he LOVED his first taste of meat! I am excited that we are finally at the stage where we can start to grind up our dinner to feed to Luke, it will make things much easier!

This week I got my first real taste of what single parenthood would be like...I am not a fan! Drew was out of town for consecutive nights for the first time since I have returned to work. I have the utmost respect for all the single parents out there, it is hard work to do it all while working full time! We were very excited to have Daddy come home!

This weekend we went down to the Ozarks to join our friends for the 4th of July. This year was VERY different from years past...the idea of a "party" consists more of watching the babies crawl around the floor and our late nights have definitely gotten earlier! We had a great time catching up with good friends. Luke was excited to check out all of Elise's new moves since she has about a month on him in age!

Last Thursday we also got to hang out with Ashlee as she was passing through town! It was so fun to spend a couple quick days with her and Luke loved getting to play with his godmother!

Luke's personality is blossoming by the day and watching him grow and change just awes me. He is very determined (I wonder where he gets that!) Once he has something on his mind he is bound and determined to get his way. He is obsessed with the gas key for our fire place...despite the fact that we have removed the key he continues to go back to the spot and put his fingers down in the key hole. Regardless of where I set Luke down in the house he seems to quickly find his way back to this spot!

He wants to touch and grab everything in sight (rarely his own toys though!). Here he is enamored with the hinge on the door...this lasted a good 15 minutes before he was sure he had memorized exactly how it all worked! He is still very interested in our cell phones. Drew and I each have an old BlackBerry that we no longer use so we took the battery out of one and gave it to Luke as a toy...unfortunately it didn't take him long to realize that his phone didn't light up, so he is still after our phones!
We are still working on the "official" crawl. Luke prefers to pull himself along with his left arm and his right leg doing all the work and his belly on the floor. He definitely gets up on all fours, but he can move faster slithering on his belly. I think I am going to start attaching a swiffer pad to his belly so I can at least have some clean floors!

I feel like instead of being "mom" I am actually Luke's personal jungle gym! He climbs all over me, giggling the entire time. It amazes me how mobile he is becoming! He is very vocal, more so each day and still just as flirty as can be. I think he has figured out the camera too, (I might be creating this in my head) as soon as I take it out he looks at me and smiles big as can be!

Today I had the day off of work and it was so nice to be home with Luke. Since we spend every weekend at the lake I haven't had a day at home with him for several months. I felt like it was the good old days when I was on maternity leave! We enjoyed not having to rush around this morning to get out of the house on time and just playing and laughing together all day. My favorite part of the day though was getting to be there when he woke up from his naps! He gets so excited and his little voice calling out when he wakes up always gets me excited to see his smiling little face!

After all the excitement of the past few weeks there is just nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. I feel like we are so busy all of the time (I can't believe I ever thought I was busy before we had Luke!) and always on the go, but I know that someday I will look back on this time when we (God willing) have more children and feel like this time in our lives was laid back!

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  1. Dear Luke,
    i am not very happy that our mommies haven't introduced yet. I've been waiting to see you and your cute chubby cheeks. Tell your mom to call my mom and maybe we can hang out soon.